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White Paper | September 2018 - White Paper Software Architecture Publications

The SEI compiled this bibliography of publications about software architecture as a resource for information about system architecture throughout its lifecycle.

White Paper | January 2003 - White Paper Quantifying the Value of Architecture Design Decisions ... By Jai Asundi, Rick Kazman, Mark H. Klein, Mike Moore (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)

This paper outlines experiences with using economic criteria to make architecture design decisions.

White Paper | November 2009 - White Paper An Everyday Example of Architecture Documentation: Subway ... By Paul C. Clements

This white paper explores the idea that subway maps provide a good, common example of architecture documentation and that they might be instructive about good software architecture documentation.

White Paper | November 1997 - White Paper An Approach to Software Architecture Analysis for Evolution ... By Sonia Bot (Nortel), Kalai Kalaichelvan (Nortel), Rick Kazman, Chung-Horng Lung (Nortel)

This paper presents an approach to capturing and assessing software architectures for evolution and reuse.

White Paper | November 1996 - White Paper Scenario-Based Analysis of Software Architecture By Gregory Abowd, Len Bass, Paul C. Clements, Rick Kazman

This paper presents an experiential case study illustrating the methodological use of scenarios to gain architecture-level understanding and predictive insight into large, real-world systems in various domains.

White Paper | March 1996 - White Paper A Survey of Architecture Description Languages By Paul C. Clements

This paper summarizes a taxonomic survey of ADLs that is in progress. Preliminary results allow conclusions to be drawn about what constitutes an ADL, and how contemporary ADLs differ.

White Paper | January 1998 - White Paper Requirements for Integrating Software Architecture By Jeromy Carriere, Rick Kazman, Steve Woods

This paper discusses the requirements and a generic framework for the integration of architectural and code-based reengineering tools.

White Paper | January 2010 - White Paper Industry Standard Notation for Architecture-Centric Model ... By Peter H. Feiler

In this paper, Peter Feiler describes the AADL, an industry standard for modeling and analyzing the architecture of software-reliant systems.

White Paper | January 1996 - White Paper Tool Support for Architecture Analysis and Design By Rick Kazman

This position paper first presents a set of requirements that an ideal tool for architectural design and analysis, and then presents a tool—called SAAMtool—that meets most, but not all, of these requirements.

White Paper | September 2017 - White Paper Architecture Practices for Complex Contexts By John Klein

This doctoral thesis, completed at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, focuses on software architecture practices for systems of systems, including data-intensive systems.