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White Paper | August 2018 - White Paper Threat Modeling: A Summary of Available Methods By Nataliya Shevchenko, Timothy A. Chick, Paige O'Riordan, Tom Scanlon, Carol Woody - PhD

This paper discusses twelve threat modeling methods from a variety of sources that target different parts of the development process.

White Paper | May 2013 - White Paper Framing Security as a Governance and Management Concern ... By Julia H. Allen

In this paper, Julia Allen describes six assets or requirements of being in business that can be compromised by insufficient security investment.

White Paper | September 2006 - White Paper Finding Peer-To-Peer File-Sharing Using Coarse Network ... By Michael Collins, Michael K. Reiter

In this paper, the authors propose a set of tests for identifying masqueraded peer-to-peer file-sharing based on traffic summaries (flows).