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White Paper | July 2007 - White Paper The Use of Malware Analysis in Support of Law Enforcement By Ross Kinder

In this paper, Ross Kinder discusses how malware analysis supports the efforts of those pursuing adversaries employing malicious code in their tradecraft.

White Paper | March 2016 - White Paper Malware Capability Development Patterns Respond to ... By Kyle O'Meara, Deana Shick, Jonathan Spring, Ed Stoner

In this paper, the authors describe their analysis of two case studies to outline the relationship between adversaries and network defenders.

White Paper | August 2014 - White Paper Abuse of Customer Premise Equipment and Recommended ... By Paul Vixie, Chris Hallenbeck, Jonathan Spring

In this paper, the authors provide recommendations for addressing problems related to poor management of Consumer Premise Equipment (CPE).

White Paper | December 2003 - White Paper CERT Research 2003 Annual Report

This report provides brief abstracts for major research projects, followed by more detailed descriptions of these projects, for all CERT research conducted in the year 2003.