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White Paper | July 2009 - White Paper Resiliency Management Model: Communications

In this paper, the authors describe the purpose of Communications: to develop, deploy, and manage communications to support resiliency activities and processes.

White Paper | September 2016 - White Paper Managing Third Party Risk in Financial Services ... By John Haller, Charles M. Wallen

A resilience-based approach can help financial services organizations to manage cybersecurity risks from outsourcing and comply with federal regulations.

White Paper | February 2013 - White Paper History of CERT-RMM

This paper explains the history of how the CERT-RMM came to be.

White Paper | February 2017 - White Paper The CISO Academy By Pamela D. Curtis, Summer C. Fowler, David Tobar, David Ulicne

In this paper, the authors describe the project that led to the creation of the U.S. Postal Service's CISO Academy.

White Paper | May 2013 - White Paper Five Smart Grid Questions Every Utility Executive Should Ask By The SGMM Communications Team

This paper recommends the Smart Grid Maturity Model (SGMM), a tool utilities can use to plan and measure smart grid progress.

White Paper | February 2016 - White Paper CERT-RMM Version 1.2 Release Notes

This document contains the relerase notes for CERT-RMM Version 1.2, released February 2014.

White Paper | January 2007 - White Paper CERT® Resiliency Engineering Framework

In this paper, the authors answer commonly asked questions about the CERT Resiliency Engineering Framework project.

White Paper | March 2015 - White Paper SEI SPRUCE Project: Curating Recommended Practices for ... By Michael D. Konrad, B. Craig Meyers, Tamara Marshall-Keim, Gerald W. Miller, Bill Pollak

This paper describes the Systems and Software Producibility Collaboration Environment (SPRUCE) project and the resulting recommended practices on five software topics.

White Paper | November 2012 - White Paper Maturity Models 101: A Primer for Applying Maturity Models to ... By Richard A. Caralli, Mark Knight (CGI Group), Austin Montgomery

In this paper, the authors explain the history and evolution of and applications for maturity models.

White Paper | May 2013 - White Paper Integrating Security and IT By Julia H. Allen

In this paper, Julia Allen describes the key relationship between IT processes and security controls.