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White Paper | May 2016 - White Paper 2016 State of Cybercrime Survey

This paper examines the current state of cybercrime and explores how organizations and individuals respond to cybercrime threats.

White Paper | November 2016 - White Paper Seven Proposal-Writing Tips That Make Conference Program ... By Bill Pollak

Writing a great session proposal for a conference is difficult. Here are seven tips for writing a session proposal that will make reviewers go from frown to smile.

White Paper | October 2016 - White Paper Establishing Trusted Identities in Disconnected Edge ... By Sebastián Echeverría (Universidad de los Andes), Dan J. Klinedinst, Keegan M. Williams

he goal of this paper is to present a solution for establishing trusted identities in disconnected environments based on secure key generation and exchange in the field.

White Paper | March 2016 - White Paper Malware Capability Development Patterns Respond to ... By Kyle O'Meara, Deana Shick, Jonathan Spring, Ed Stoner

In this paper, the authors describe their analysis of two case studies to outline the relationship between adversaries and network defenders.

White Paper | September 2016 - White Paper Striving for Effective Cyber Workforce Development By Marie Baker

This paper reviews the issue of cyber awareness and identify efforts to combat this deficiency and concludes with strategies moving forward.

White Paper | December 2016 - White Paper Ultra-Large-Scale Systems: Socio-adaptive Systems By Scott Hissam, Mark H. Klein, Gabriel Moreno, Linda M. Northrop, Lutz Wrage

Ultra-large-scale systems are interdependent webs of software, people, policies, and economics. In socio-adaptive systems, human and software interact as peers.

White Paper | December 2016 - White Paper Predictability by Construction By Sagar Chaki, Scott Hissam, Gabriel Moreno, Linda M. Northrop, Kurt C. Wallnau

Predictability by construction (PBC) makes the behavior of a component-based system predictable before implementation, based on known properties of components.

White Paper | December 2016 - White Paper Pervasive Mobile Computing By William Anderson, Jeff Boleng, Ben W. Bradshaw, James Edmondson, Grace Lewis, Edwin J. Morris, Marc Novakouski, James Root

Pervasive mobile computing focuses on how soldiers and first responders can use smartphones, tablets, and other mobile/wearable devices at the tactical edge.

White Paper | August 2016 - White Paper Blacklist Ecosystem Analysis: 2016 Update By Leigh B. Metcalf, Eric Hatleback, Jonathan Spring

This white paper, which is the latest in a series of regular updates, builds upon the analysis of blacklists presented in our 2013 and 2014 reports.

White Paper | February 2016 - White Paper CERT-RMM Version 1.2 Release Notes

This document contains the relerase notes for CERT-RMM Version 1.2, released February 2014.