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White Paper | April 2014 - White Paper The Readiness & Fit Analysis: Is Your Organization Ready for ... By Suzanne Miller

This paper summarizes the Readiness & Fit Analysis and describes its extension to support risk identification for organizations that are adopting agile methods.

White Paper | December 2014 - White Paper Domain Parking: Not as Malicious as Expected By Leigh B. Metcalf, Jonathan Spring

In this paper we discuss scalable detection methods for domain names parking on reserved IP address space, and then using this data set, evaluate whether this behavior appears to be indicative of malicious behavior.

White Paper | August 2014 - White Paper Abuse of Customer Premise Equipment and Recommended ... By Paul Vixie, Chris Hallenbeck, Jonathan Spring

In this paper, the authors provide recommendations for addressing problems related to poor management of Consumer Premise Equipment (CPE).

White Paper | April 2014 - White Paper ALTernatives to Signatures (ALTS) By George Jones, John Stogoski

This paper presents the results of a study of non-signature-based approaches to detecting malicious activity in computer network traffic.

White Paper | May 2014 - White Paper Precise Static Analysis of Taint Flow for Android Application ... By Amar S. Bhosale (No Affiliation)

This thesis describes a static taint analysis for Android that combines the FlowDroid and Epicc analyses to track inter- and intra-component data flow.