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White Paper | May 2013 - White Paper Software Security Engineering: A Guide for Project Managers ... By Gary McGraw, Julia H. Allen, Nancy R. Mead, Robert J. Ellison, Sean Barnum

In this guide, the authors discuss our reliance on software and systems that use the internet or internet-exposed private networks.

White Paper | December 2013 - White Paper Spotlight On: Programmers as Malicious Insiders–Updated ... By Matthew L. Collins, Dawn Cappelli, Thomas C. Caron (John Heinz III College - School of Information Systems Management, Carnegie Mellon University), Randall F. Trzeciak, Andrew P. Moore

In this paper, the authors describe the who, what, when, where, and how of attacks by insiders using programming techniques and includes case examples.

White Paper | March 2013 - White Paper Identifying a Shared Mental Model Among Incident ... By Robert Floodeen, John Haller, Brett Tjaden

In this paper, the authors explore how effective communication might be improved by the development of a mental model internalized by the group's technical staff prior to an incident.

White Paper | May 2013 - White Paper Strengths in Security Solutions By Arjuna Shunn (Microsoft), Carol Woody, Robert C. Seacord, Allen D. Householder

In this white paper, the authors map eight CERT tools, services, and processes to Microsoft's Simplified Security Development Lifecycle.

White Paper | December 2013 - White Paper Foundations for Software Assurance By Carol Woody, Nancy R. Mead, Dan Shoemaker (University of Detroit Mercy)

In this paper, the authors highlight efforts to address the principles of software assurance and its educational curriculum.

White Paper | November 2013 - White Paper Agile Security - Review of Current Research and Pilot Usage By Carol Woody

This white paper was produced to focus attention on the opportunities and challenges for embedding information assurance considerations into Agile development and acquisition.

White Paper | August 2013 - White Paper State of Cyber Workforce Development By Marie Baker

This paper summarizes the current posture of the cyber workforce and several initiatives designed to strengthen, grow, and retain cybersecurity professionals.

White Paper | February 2013 - White Paper History of CERT-RMM

This paper explains the history of how the CERT-RMM came to be.

White Paper | July 2013 - White Paper Measuring the Software Security Requirements Engineering ... By Nancy R. Mead

In this paper, Nancy Mead describes a measurement approach to security requirements engineering to analyze projects that were developed with and without SQUARE.

White Paper | May 2013 - White Paper Two Nationally Sponsored Initiatives for Disseminating ... By Dan Shoemaker (University of Detroit Mercy), Nancy R. Mead

In this paper, the authors describe two efforts that support national cybersecurity education goals.