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White Paper | September 2009 - White Paper CMMI and Medical Device Engineering By David W. Walker

This paper summarizes the comparison performed between the CMMI and the regulations and standards that drive software intensive medical device product development.

White Paper | April 2009 - White Paper Assurance Cases for Design Analysis of Complex System of ... By Stephen Blanchette - Jr.

This paper discusses the application of assurance cases as a means of building confidence that the software design of a complex system of systems will actually meet the operational objectives set forth in the project's top-level requirements.

White Paper | July 2009 - White Paper Insider Theft of Intellectual Property for Business Advantage: A ... By Andrew P. Moore, Dawn Cappelli, Thomas C. Caron (John Heinz III College - School of Information Systems Management, Carnegie Mellon University), Eric D. Shaw, Randall F. Trzeciak

In this paper, the authors describe general observations about, and a preliminary system dynamics model of, insider crime based on our empirical data.

White Paper | November 2009 - White Paper An Everyday Example of Architecture Documentation: Subway ... By Paul C. Clements

This white paper explores the idea that subway maps provide a good, common example of architecture documentation and that they might be instructive about good software architecture documentation.

White Paper | April 2009 - White Paper Acquisition Archetypes: Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

This April 2009 whitepaper is one in a short series of acquisition failures. This paper focuses on the problems of underspending, which can result in funds being shifted from one program to another.

White Paper | April 2009 - White Paper Risk Detection and Mitigation Metrics and Design Check Lists ... By Doug Locke, Lui R. Sha

A whitepaper by Lui Sha of the University of Illinois and C. Douglass Locke of LC System Services Inc. The paper discusses risk detection and mitigation metrics and design check lists for real time and embedded systems.

White Paper | June 2009 - White Paper Revealing Cost Drivers for Systems Integration and ... By William Anderson, Maureen Brown (University of North Carolina)

The findings suggest that Q Methodology may prove helpful in isolating many of the non-technical latent cost factors associated with system integration and interoperability.

White Paper | October 2009 - White Paper The Software Quality Profile By Watts S. Humphrey

The software community has been slow to use data to measure software quality. This paper discusses the reasons for this problem and describes a way to use process measurements to assess product quality.

White Paper | June 2009 - White Paper A Research Perspective on Maintenance and Reengineering ... By Kostas Kontogiannis, Grace Lewis, Dennis B. Smith

This position paper surveys the landscape of service-oriented architecture practice as it pertains to service-orientation maintenance and reengineering.

White Paper | October 2009 - White Paper The Economics of CMMI

This paper provides practical guidance for CMMI adopters in the effective use of CMMI, based upon established NDIA principles.