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White Paper | January 2005 - White Paper Preliminary System Dynamics Maps of the Insider Cyber ... By David F. Andersen (University at Albany State University of New York), Elise A. Weaver (Worcester Polytechnic Institute), Aldo Zagonel (University at Albany - Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy), Dawn Cappelli, Jose J. Gonzalez (Agder University College Norway), Mohammad Mojtahedzadeh (Attune Group - Inc.), Andrew P. Moore, Eliot Rich (University at Albany State University of New York), Jose M. Sarriegui (University of Navarra Spain), Timothy J. Shimeall, Jeffrey M. Stanton (Syracuse University - School of Information Studies)

This paper discusses the preliminary system dynamic maps of the insider cyber-threat and describes the main ideas behind the research proposal.

White Paper | July 2009 - White Paper Insider Theft of Intellectual Property for Business Advantage: A ... By Andrew P. Moore, Dawn Cappelli, Thomas C. Caron (John Heinz III College - School of Information Systems Management, Carnegie Mellon University), Eric D. Shaw, Randall F. Trzeciak

In this paper, the authors describe general observations about, and a preliminary system dynamics model of, insider crime based on our empirical data.

White Paper | February 2010 - White Paper Instrumented Fuzz Testing Using AIR Integers (Whitepaper) By Roger Dannenberg (School of Computer Science - Carnegie Mellon University), Will Dormann, David Keaton, Robert C. Seacord, Timothy Wilson, Thomas Plum (Plum Hall - Inc.)

In this paper, the authors present the as-if infinitely ranged (AIR) integer model, which provides a mechanism for eliminating integral exceptional conditions.