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White Paper | December 2005 - White Paper Precise Buffer Overflow Detection via Model Checking By Sagar Chaki, Scott Hissam

In this paper, the authors present an automated overflow detection technique based on model checking and iterative refinement.

White Paper | December 2016 - White Paper Predictability by Construction By Sagar Chaki, Scott Hissam, Gabriel Moreno, Linda M. Northrop, Kurt C. Wallnau

Predictability by construction (PBC) makes the behavior of a component-based system predictable before implementation, based on known properties of components.

White Paper | October 2004 - White Paper Predicate Abstraction with Minimum Predicates By Sagar Chaki, Edmund Clarke

Predicate abstraction is a popular abstraction technique employed in formal software verification. Experiments show that predicate minimization can result in a significant reduction of both verification time and memory usage compared to earlier methods.

White Paper | December 2016 - White Paper Cyber-Physical Systems By Björn Anderson, Sagar Chaki, Dionisio de Niz, Jeffrey Hansen, Scott Hissam, John J. Hudak, Mark H. Klein, David Kyle, Gabriel Moreno

Cyber-physical systems (CPS) integrate computational algorithms and physical components. SEI promotes efficient development of high-confidence, distributed CPS.

White Paper | July 2005 - White Paper The ComFoRT Reasoning Framework By Sagar Chaki, James Ivers, Natasha Sharygina, Kurt C. Wallnau

Model checking is a promising technology for verifying critical behavior of software. However, software model checking is hamstrung by scalability issues and is difficult for software engineers to use directly. ComFoRT addresses both of these challenges.

White Paper | April 2007 - White Paper Copper Manual, Tutorial, and Specification Grammar By Sagar Chaki

Copper is a software model checker for concurrent message-passing C programs.