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White Paper | April 1998 - White Paper The Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method By Rick Kazman, Mark H. Klein, Mario R. Barbacci, Thomas A. Longstaff, Howard F. Lipson, Jeromy Carriere

This paper presents the Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM), a structured technique for understanding the tradeoffs inherent in design.

White Paper | June 1998 - White Paper View Extraction and View Fusion in Architectural ... By Jeromy Carriere, Rick Kazman

This paper presents a workbench for architectural extraction called Dali, and shows how Dali supports flexible extraction and fusion of architectural information. Its use is described through two extended examples of architectural reconstruction.

White Paper | January 1998 - White Paper Requirements for Integrating Software Architecture By Jeromy Carriere, Rick Kazman, Steve Woods

This paper discusses the requirements and a generic framework for the integration of architectural and code-based reengineering tools.

White Paper | October 1997 - White Paper Assessing Design Quality From a Software Architectural ... By Jeromy Carriere, Rick Kazman

This whitepaper argues that good object oriented designs accrue from attention to both the design of objects and classes and to the architectural framework which defines how instances of those classes interact.