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White Paper | May 2005 - White Paper Method Engineering and COTS Evaluation By B. Henderson-Sellers, C. Gonzalez-Perez, M.K.Serour, Donald Firesmith

This position paper argues that a successful COTS evaluation process should be based on the principles of method engineering (ME).

White Paper | May 2005 - White Paper A Taxonomy of Security-Related Requirements By Donald Firesmith

This paper addresses the problems associated with a lack of a clear security taxonomy by identifying four different types of security-related requirements, providing them with clear definitions, and placing them within an organizing hierarchical taxonomy.

White Paper | September 2004 - White Paper A Taxonomy of Safety-Related Requirements By Donald Firesmith

This paper describes a taxonomy of different kinds of safety-related requirements, and clearly and briefly defines and describes each of them.

White Paper | September 2003 - White Paper Analyzing and Specifying Reusable Security Requirements By Donald Firesmith

A system cannot have high assurance if it has poor security, and thus, requirements for high assurance systems will logically include security requirement as well as availability, reliability, and robustness requirements.

White Paper | November 2016 - White Paper FAA Research Project on System Complexity Effects on ... By Sarah Sheard, Charles B. Weinstock, Michael D. Konrad, Donald Firesmith

This report organizes our work on the impact of software complexity on aircraft safety by asking, “How can complexity complicate safety and, thus, certification?”

White Paper | September 2005 - White Paper Using the OPEN Process Framework to Produce a Situation ... By Donald Firesmith, B. Henderson-Sellers, D. Zowghi

The OPEN Process Framework (or OPF) is an appropriate focused requirements engineering method (REM) that facilitates the search for a mechanism that will support the flexible creation of a number of tailored REMs from a single base.