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White Paper | July 2015 - White Paper Comments on Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) Proposed ... By Allen D. Householder, Art Manion

In this paper, CERT researchers comment on the proposed rule, Wassenaar Arrangement 2013 Plenary Agreements Implementation: Intrusion and Surveillance Items.

White Paper | May 2013 - White Paper Strengths in Security Solutions By Arjuna Shunn (Microsoft), Carol Woody, Robert C. Seacord, Allen D. Householder

In this white paper, the authors map eight CERT tools, services, and processes to Microsoft's Simplified Security Development Lifecycle.

White Paper | October 2001 - White Paper 2001 Tech Tip: Managing the Threat of Denial-of-Service ... By Allen D. Householder, Art Manion, Linda Pesante

In this 2001 paper, the authors describe the then-current situation regarding denial-of-service (DOS) attacks and ways of addressing the problem.

White Paper | August 2002 - White Paper 2002 Tech Tip: Securing an Internet Name Server By Allen D. Householder, Brian King

This document discusses name server security and focuses on BIND, which is the most commonly used software for DNS servers.