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Technical Note | June 2009 - Technical Note A Scenario-Based Technique for Developing SOA Technical ... By Soumya Simanta, Edwin J. Morris, Grace Lewis, Sriram Balasubramaniam, Dennis B. Smith

Organizations can make the available SOA governance frameworks more effective in their organizations using the scenario-based tailoring technique introduced in this technical note.

Webinar | April 2009 - Webinar SMART: Analyzing the Feasibility of Migrating Legacy ... By Grace Lewis

Grace Lewis discusses how the Service Migration and Reuse Technique (SMART) can be used to help organizations to make decisions about reusing legacy systems within a SOA environment.

Brochure | May 2013 - Brochure SOA Migration, Adoption, and Reuse Technique Family ...

This information sheet describes the SOA Migration, Adoption, and Reuse Technique (SMART), and its various family members.

Brochure | April 2009 - Brochure Making the Right Decision About SOA

How can you distinguish fact from fiction regarding SOA?

Brochure | April 2009 - Brochure eLearning Course: Migrating Legacy Systems to SOA ...

This eLearning course from the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) can help you understand software-oriented architecture (SOA) and decide how to adopt it effectively in your organization.

Technical Note | October 2012 - Technical Note The Role of Standards in Cloud-Computing Interoperability By Grace Lewis

This report explores the role of standards in cloud-computing interoperability. It covers cloud-computing basics and standard-related efforts, discusses several use cases, and provides recommendations for cloud-computing adoption.

Webinar | February 2011 - Webinar Emerging Technologies for Software-Reliant Systems By Grace Lewis

In this 2011 presentation, Grace Lewis presents general computation trends and a set of emerging technologies to support the trends for software-reliant SoS such as cloud computing and mobile computing.

SMART Evolves to Meet Range of Service-Oriented ...

SMART now stands for the SOA Migration, Adoption, and Reuse Technique. The new name reflects what Grace Lewis' team learned in the course of its work.

White Paper | November 2010 - White Paper Executive Overview: Employing SOA to Achieve Information ... By Grace Lewis

The current ability to implement systems in the DoD based on SOA technologies falls short of the DoD's goals. To close the gaps in these areas, research is needed in SOA security, semantic SOA, context-aware applications, and real-time SOA.

Video | May 2011 - Video Introduction to the SOA Architect Professional Certificate with ... By Dennis B. Smith

Dennis Smith, SOA course instructor, discusses the SOA Architect Professional Certificate. Dennis explains the three main takeaways SOA certificate holders will recieve.