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Technical Note | September 2005 - Technical Note Quality Attributes and Service-Oriented Architectures By Liam O'Brien, Len Bass, Paulo Merson

This report examines the relationship between service-oriented architectures (SOAs) and quality attributes.

Webinar | April 2009 - Webinar SMART: Analyzing the Feasibility of Migrating Legacy ... By Grace Lewis

Grace Lewis discusses how the Service Migration and Reuse Technique (SMART) can be used to help organizations to make decisions about reusing legacy systems within a SOA environment.

Technical Note | September 2005 - Technical Note SMART: The Service-Oriented Migration and Reuse ... By Grace Lewis, Edwin J. Morris, Liam O'Brien, Dennis B. Smith, Lutz Wrage

This document has been superseded by CMU/SEI-2008-TN-008, SMART: Analyzing the Reuse Potential of Legacy Components in a Service-Oriented Architecture Environment.

Special Report | September 2011 - Special Report Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on a ... By Grace Lewis, Dennis B. Smith, Kostas Kontogiannis

This report summarizes the proceedings from the 2010 MESOA workshop and includes the accepted papers that were the basis for the presentations given during the workshop.

Technical Note | May 2005 - Technical Note Model Problems in Technologies for Interoperability: Model ... By Grace Lewis, Lutz Wrage

This 2005 report looks at Model-Driven Architecture (MDA) as one of many technologies foraccomplishing interoperability.

Technical Note | April 2007 - Technical Note T-Check for Technologies for Interoperability: Open Grid ... By Soumya Simanta, Grace Lewis, Lutz Wrage

This report investigates Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA), one of the many technologies for accomplishing interoperability, using the T-Check technique.

Webinar | February 2011 - Webinar Emerging Technologies for Software-Reliant Systems By Grace Lewis

In this 2011 presentation, Grace Lewis presents general computation trends and a set of emerging technologies to support the trends for software-reliant SoS such as cloud computing and mobile computing.

White Paper | September 2010 - White Paper Primer on SOA Terms By Grace Lewis

This white paper presents basic terminology related to Service- Oriented Architecture (SOA). The goal of the paper is to establish a baseline of terms for service-oriented systems.

Technical Note | May 2010 - Technical Note Managing Variation in Services in a Software Product Line ... By Sholom G. Cohen, Robert W. Krut - Jr.

This report highlights the mutual benefits of combining systematic reuse approaches from product line development with flexible approaches for implementing business processes in a service oriented architecture.

Technical Report | April 2010 - Technical Report Characterizing Technical Software Performance Within ... By Bryce L. Meyer, James Wessel

This report focuses on both qualitative and quantitative ways of determining the current state of SWP (software performance) in terms of both test coverage and confidence for SOA-based SoS environments.