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Technical Note | August 2011 - Technical Note Architecting Service-Oriented Systems By Philip Bianco, Grace Lewis, Paulo Merson, Soumya Simanta

This report presents guidelines for architecting service-oriented systems and the effect of architectural principles on system quality attributes.

Technical Note | January 2012 - Technical Note Best Practices for Artifact Versioning in Service-Oriented ... By Marc Novakouski, Grace Lewis, William Anderson, Jeff Davenport

This report describes some of the challenges of software versioning in an SOA environment and provides guidance on how to meet these challenges by following industry guidelines and recommended practices.

Technical Note | September 2005 - Technical Note Quality Attributes and Service-Oriented Architectures By Liam O'Brien, Len Bass, Paulo Merson

This report examines the relationship between service-oriented architectures (SOAs) and quality attributes.

Technical Report | March 2010 - Technical Report Testing in Service-Oriented Environments By Edwin J. Morris, William Anderson, Sriram Balasubramaniam, David J. Carney, John Morley, Patrick R. Place, Soumya Simanta

This report makes 65 recommendations for improving testing in service-oriented environments. It covers testing functionality and testing for interoperability, security, performance, and reliability qualities.

Technical Note | September 2005 - Technical Note SMART: The Service-Oriented Migration and Reuse ... By Grace Lewis, Edwin J. Morris, Liam O'Brien, Dennis B. Smith, Lutz Wrage

This document has been superseded by CMU/SEI-2008-TN-008, SMART: Analyzing the Reuse Potential of Legacy Components in a Service-Oriented Architecture Environment.

Technical Note | May 2005 - Technical Note Model Problems in Technologies for Interoperability: Model ... By Grace Lewis, Lutz Wrage

This 2005 report looks at Model-Driven Architecture (MDA) as one of many technologies foraccomplishing interoperability.

Technical Note | April 2007 - Technical Note T-Check for Technologies for Interoperability: Open Grid ... By Soumya Simanta, Grace Lewis, Lutz Wrage

This report investigates Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA), one of the many technologies for accomplishing interoperability, using the T-Check technique.

Brochure | December 2016 - Brochure Design Guidelines and Patterns for Modern SOA: SEI Training

This two-day course provides essential knowledge of the SOA landscape, seven guidelines for SOA designs, and strategies to realize each design guideline.

Brochure | December 2016 - Brochure Designing Modern SOA Systems: SEI Training

Course attendees will gain a clear understanding of the main types of design elements and technologies that can be applied in SOA, including REST and SOAP servers.

Special Report | September 2011 - Special Report Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on a ... By Grace Lewis, Dennis B. Smith, Kostas Kontogiannis

This report summarizes the proceedings from the 2010 MESOA workshop and includes the accepted papers that were the basis for the presentations given during the workshop.