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Technical Note | July 2012 - Technical Note Supporting the Use of CERT Secure Coding Standards in ... By Timothy Morrow, Robert C. Seacord, John K. Bergey, Philip Miller

In this report, the authors provide guidance for helping DoD acquisition programs address software security in acquisitions.

Presentation | December 2009 - Presentation Implementing Secure Coding Standards in a System ... By John K. Bergey, Timothy Morrow

In this December 2009 presentation, John Bergey and Tim Morrow explore how required secure coding standards can be specified and integrated in a system acquisition.

White Paper | December 2009 - White Paper Secure Coding Plan

This plan is a government-provided customizable document that is part of the acquisition's government reference library.

Webinar | July 2016 - Webinar Secure Software Development Landscape By Mark Sherman

Examine how security can be introduced throughout the software development lifecycle to blunt vulnerabilities.