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Showing 1 - 10 of 12 results for the Publish Year - 2010 Service Oriented Architecture

Technical Note | March 2010 - Technical Note A Research Agenda for Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) ... By Grace Lewis, Dennis B. Smith, Kostas Kontogiannis

This 2010 report describes the agenda of an SEI-led group that was formed to explore the business, engineering, and operations aspects of service-oriented architecture.

Technical Report | March 2010 - Technical Report Testing in Service-Oriented Environments By Edwin J. Morris, William Anderson, Sriram Balasubramaniam, David J. Carney, John Morley, Patrick R. Place, Soumya Simanta

This report makes 65 recommendations for improving testing in service-oriented environments. It covers testing functionality and testing for interoperability, security, performance, and reliability qualities.

Brochure | February 2010 - Brochure Best Practices for Successful Adoption of SOA: One-Day ...

You'll get a well-rounded introduction to SOA in the SEI course Service-Oriented Architecture: Best Practices for Successful Adoption

Technical Note | May 2010 - Technical Note Managing Variation in Services in a Software Product Line ... By Sholom G. Cohen, Robert W. Krut - Jr.

This report highlights the mutual benefits of combining systematic reuse approaches from product line development with flexible approaches for implementing business processes in a service oriented architecture.

White Paper | September 2010 - White Paper Primer on SOA Terms By Grace Lewis

This white paper presents basic terminology related to Service- Oriented Architecture (SOA). The goal of the paper is to establish a baseline of terms for service-oriented systems.

Technical Report | April 2010 - Technical Report Characterizing Technical Software Performance Within ... By Bryce L. Meyer, James Wessel

This report focuses on both qualitative and quantitative ways of determining the current state of SWP (software performance) in terms of both test coverage and confidence for SOA-based SoS environments.

White Paper | November 2010 - White Paper Executive Overview: Employing SOA to Achieve Information ... By Grace Lewis

The current ability to implement systems in the DoD based on SOA technologies falls short of the DoD's goals. To close the gaps in these areas, research is needed in SOA security, semantic SOA, context-aware applications, and real-time SOA.

Technical Note | September 2010 - Technical Note T-Check in System-of-Systems Technologies: Cloud ... By Harrison D. Strowd, Grace Lewis

The purpose of this report is to examine a set of claims about cloud computing adoption.

Special Report | February 2010 - Special Report Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on a Research ... By Grace Lewis, Dennis B. Smith, Ned Chapin, Kostas Kontogiannis

This report contains selected papers from the 3rd International Workshop on a Research Agenda for Maintenance and Evolution of Service-Oriented Systems (MESOA 2009).

Technical Report | November 2010 - Technical Report Performance Analysis of WS-Security Mechanisms in SOAP ... By Marc Novakouski, Soumya Simanta, Gunnar Peterson, Edwin J. Morris, Grace Lewis

This paper presents the results of a series of experiments targeted at analyzing the performance impact of adding WS-Security, a common security standard used in IdM frameworks, to SOAP-based web services.