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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 results for the Publish Year - 2008 Service Oriented Architecture

Technical Note | September 2008 - Technical Note Service Level Agreements in Service-Oriented Architecture ... By Philip Bianco, Grace Lewis, Paulo Merson

This 2008 report surveys the state of practice in service level agreement specification and offers guidelines on how to assure that services are provided with high availability, security, performance, and other required qualities.

Technical Note | June 2008 - Technical Note SMART: Analyzing the Reuse Potential of Legacy ... By Grace Lewis, Edwin J. Morris, Dennis B. Smith, Soumya Simanta

Is legacy system migration feasible for your organization as a means of SOA adoption? The Service Migration and Reuse Technique (SMART) assists an organization in determining what to migrate, the steps needed, and the costs involved.

Special Report | June 2008 - Special Report Proceedings of the International Workshop on the ... By Grace Lewis, Dennis B. Smith

This report presents the results of the Foundations of Software-Oriented Architecture (FSOA) workshop held at the Third International Conference on Interoperability for Enterprise Software and Applications (I-ESA 2007).

Presentation | January 2008 - Presentation SOA Research Agenda By Grace Lewis

This 2008 presentation by Grace Lewis details the taxonomy of the SEI's research agenda on the topics critical to success with SOA adoption.

Technical Note | January 2008 - Technical Note T-Check in Technologies for Interoperability: Web Services ... By Lutz Wrage, Soumya Simanta, Grace Lewis, Saul Jaspan

This technical note presents the results of applying the T-Check approach in an initial investigation of two Web services standards, WS-Security and SAML, to create an SSO solution that works inside a single organization

Technical Note | September 2008 - Technical Note T-Check in Technologies for Interoperability: Business ... By Fabian Hueppi, Lutz Wrage, Grace Lewis

This technical note presents an investigation of the Business Process Execution Language, a popular BPM technology used to describe, analyze, execute, and monitor business processes.