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Technical Report | June 2008 - Technical Report Evaluation of CERT Secure Coding Rules through Integration ... By Stephen Dewhurst, Chad Dougherty, Yurie Ito, David Keaton, Dan Saks, Robert C. Seacord, David Svoboda, Chris Taschner, Kazuya Togashi (JPCERT/CC)

In this report, the authors describe a study to evaluate CERT Secure Coding Standards and source code analysis tools in commercial software projects.

Book | October 2008 - Book CERT C Secure Coding Standard By Robert C. Seacord

In this book, Robert Seacord releases the CERT C Secure Coding Standard, which itemizes coding errors that are the root causes of software vulnerabilities in C.

Article | December 2008 - Article Robert Seacord on the CERT C Secure Coding Standard

In this article, David Chisnall talks to Robert Seacord about the CERT C Secure Coding standard, developing C standards, and the future of the language.

Presentation | October 2008 - Presentation Working with ROSE

In this 2008 presentation, David Svoboda explains technical details of the CERT Rosecheckers tool.

CERT Research Report | January 2008 - CERT Research Report 2008 CERT Research Report

In this 2008 report, the authors describe how CERT research advanced the field of information and systems security during the 2008 fiscal year.