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Brochure | January 2013 - Brochure RTSS Training Course Catalog

Course descriptions and logistical information for SEI courses in software architecture, software product lines, and SOA.

Brochure | December 2016 - Brochure Design Guidelines and Patterns for Modern SOA: SEI Training

This two-day course provides essential knowledge of the SOA landscape, seven guidelines for SOA designs, and strategies to realize each design guideline.

Brochure | December 2016 - Brochure Designing Modern SOA Systems: SEI Training

Course attendees will gain a clear understanding of the main types of design elements and technologies that can be applied in SOA, including REST and SOAP servers.

Brochure | February 2010 - Brochure Best Practices for Successful Adoption of SOA: One-Day ...

You'll get a well-rounded introduction to SOA in the SEI course Service-Oriented Architecture: Best Practices for Successful Adoption

Brochure | May 2011 - Brochure The SEI Research, Technology, and System Solutions (RTSS) ...

This brochure is an overview of the RTSS Program, including both new research and areas of established expertise.

Brochure | April 2009 - Brochure Making the Right Decision About SOA

How can you distinguish fact from fiction regarding SOA?

Brochure | May 2013 - Brochure SOA Migration, Adoption, and Reuse Technique Family ...

This information sheet describes the SOA Migration, Adoption, and Reuse Technique (SMART), and its various family members.

Brochure | April 2009 - Brochure eLearning Course: Migrating Legacy Systems to SOA ...

This eLearning course from the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) can help you understand software-oriented architecture (SOA) and decide how to adopt it effectively in your organization.

Brochure | January 2012 - Brochure Battlefield Mobile Computing

This information sheet describes SEI research into tactical handheld computing software and cloud computing technology.

Brochure | September 2011 - Brochure SOA Vendor Jungle

Learn more about the new SOA Architect Professional Certificate.