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Video | September 2018 - Video The Promise of Quantum Computing By Robert K Cunningham

Rob Cunningham discusses the promise of Quantum Computing and highlights some of the remaining scientific and engineering challenges.

Podcast | August 2018 - Podcast The Role of the Software Factory in Acquisition and ... By Paul Nielsen

Dr. Paul Nielsen discusses his involvement on a Defense Science Board Task Force that concluded that the software factory should be a key player in the acquisition and sustainment of software for defense.

Podcast | June 2018 - Podcast Deep Learning in Depth: The Good, the Bad, and the Future By Ritwik Gupta, Carson Sestili

Ritwik Gupta and Carson Sestili describe deep learning, a popular and quickly growing subfield of machine learning.

Webinar | July 2018 - Webinar Digital Footprints: What Can be Learned from the Traces We ... By April Galyardt, Carson Sestili

In this first webcast in a two-part series, April Galyardt and Carson Sestili described what metadata is and what information can be gleaned from it.

White Paper | July 2018 - White Paper Navigating the Insider Threat Tool Landscape: Low-Cost ... By Derrick Spooner, George Silowash, Daniel L. Costa, Michael J. Albrethsen

This paper explores low cost technical solutions that can help organizations prevent, detect, and respond to insider incidents.

White Paper | August 2018 - White Paper Threat Modeling: A Summary of Available Methods By Nataliya Shevchenko, Timothy A. Chick, Paige O'Riordan, Tom Scanlon, Carol Woody - PhD

This paper discusses twelve threat modeling methods from a variety of sources that target different parts of the development process.

Brochure | September 2018 - Brochure Summer 2018 Edition of the Secure Coding Newsletter

The team announces job openings and discusses its activities, including the release of SCALe on GitHub.

Podcast | March 2018 - Podcast Is Software Spoiling Us? Technical Innovations in the ... By Jeff Boleng

In this podcast, the panel discusses technical innovations that can be applied to the Department of Defense including improved situational awareness, human-machine interactions, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data, and continuous integration.

Podcast | September 2018 - Podcast How to Be a Network Traffic Analyst By Timothy J. Shimeall, Timur D. Snoke

Tim Shimeall and Timur Snoke, researchers in the SEI’s CERT Division, examine the role of the network traffic analyst in capturing and evaluating ever-increasing volumes of network data.

Video | June 2018 - Video SEI Cyber Minute: Interruption Costs By Suzanne Miller

Watch SuZ Miller in this SEI Cyber Minute as she discusses Interruption Costs in the development process.