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Technical Report | May 1998 - Technical Report DoD Product Line Practice Workshop Report By John K. Bergey, Robert W. Krut - Jr., Paul C. Clements, Sholom G. Cohen, Patrick Donohoe, Lawrence G. Jones, Linda M. Northrop, Scott R. Tilley (Florida Institute of Technoloy), Dennis B. Smith, James Withey

This report synthesizes the 1998 product line workshop presentations and discussions that described selected product line practices and identified barriers and enablers to achieving these practices within the DoD.

Book | August 2001 - Book Software Product Lines: Practices and Patterns By Paul C. Clements, Linda M. Northrop

This book provides a framework of specific practices, with detailed case studies, to guide the implementation of product lines in your organization.

Technical Report | November 1996 - Technical Report Investment Analysis of Software Assets for Product Lines By James Withey

This 1996 report introduces an approach that will help managers make resource allocation decisions.

Technical Report | October 1999 - Technical Report Second DoD Product Line Practice Workshop Report By John K. Bergey, Grady Campbell, Paul C. Clements, Sholom G. Cohen, Lawrence G. Jones, Linda M. Northrop, Dennis B. Smith, Robert W. Krut - Jr.

This report synthesizes the workshop presentations and discussions of the Second DoD Product Line Practice Workshop, held in March 1999.

Brochure | September 2011 - Brochure Help with Adoption of Software Product Lines

This one-pager was produced for SPLC 2011 and focuses on how the SEI provides various types of software product lines training.

Technical Report | February 2000 - Technical Report Fourth Product Line Practice Workshop Report By Len Bass, Paul C. Clements, Patrick Donohoe, John McGregor, Linda M. Northrop

This report synthesizes the presentations and discussions from the 1999 Product Line Practice Workshop, which described practices and issues associated with tool support for software product lines.

Technical Note | May 1999 - Technical Note The DoD Acquisition Environment and Software Product Lines By John K. Bergey, Matt Fisher, Lawrence G. Jones

This technical note examines three key DoD acquisition policies and regulations, along with their implications for launching a product line.

Presentation | February 2009 - Presentation An Approach to Software Product Line Acquisition Planning By Lawrence G. Jones

Presented at the SEI Army Software Product Line Workshop, February 12, 2009.

Technical Report | October 2001 - Technical Report Control Channel Toolkit: A Software Product Line Case Study By Paul C. Clements, Sholom G. Cohen, Patrick Donohoe, Linda M. Northrop

This 2001 report is a case study of the Control Channel Toolkit (CCT), a software asset base for a software product line of ground-based spacecraft command and control systems built under the direction of the NRO.

Technical Report | September 2005 - Technical Report Variability in Software Product Lines By Felix Bachmann, Paul C. Clements

This 2005 report describes the concepts needed when creating core assets with included variability. These concepts provide guidelines to core asset creators on how to model the variability explicitly, so it is handled consistently throughout the product line and managing the variability becomes feasible.