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Technical Note | September 2002 - Technical Note Product Line State of the Practice Report By Sholom G. Cohen

This 2002 report outlines the state of software product line practice in industry. The report blends a case study with the results of a product line questionnaire that was sent to organizations with meaningful product line experiences and with the results of a product line workshop held during the recent International Conference on Software Reuse.

Technical Report | August 1999 - Technical Report Guidelines for Developing a Product Line Concept of ... By Sholom G. Cohen

This 1999 report provides guidelines for an organization that is developing a CONOPS document.

Technical Note | July 2001 - Technical Note Architecture Reconstruction to Support a Product Line Effort ... By Liam O'Brien

This report describes the architecture reconstruction process that was followed when the SEI performed architecture reconstructions on three small automotive motor systems.

Technical Note | July 2002 - Technical Note Software Process Improvement and Product Line Practice ... By Lawrence G. Jones, Albert Soule

This 2002 report explores the relationship between software product line practice, as defined by the Framework for Software Product Line Practice, and software engineering process discipline, as defined by the CMMI models.

Technical Note | July 2005 - Technical Note Product Line Adoption in a CMMI Environment By Lawrence G. Jones, Linda M. Northrop

This 2005 technical note addresses product line adoption in the context of an organization that is using the CMMI models to guide its process improvement effort.

White Paper | January 2009 - White Paper The Arcade Game Maker Pedagogical Product Line

The Arcade Game Maker product line is an example product line created to support learning about and experimenting with software product lines in the classroom.

Technical Note | October 2003 - Technical Note Measures for Software Product Lines By David Zubrow, Gary Chastek

This 2003 report characterizes the status of measurement associated with the operation of a software product line, suggests a small set of measures to support its management, and provides guidance for those establishing measurement activities within a software product line.

Technical Report | February 2005 - Technical Report The Structured Intuitive Model for Product Line Economics ... By Paul C. Clements, John McGregor, Sholom G. Cohen

This 2005 report presents SIMPLE, a general-purpose business model that supports the estimation of the costs and benefits in a product line development organization.

Technical Report | November 1996 - Technical Report Investment Analysis of Software Assets for Product Lines By James Withey

This 1996 report introduces an approach that will help managers make resource allocation decisions.

Technical Report | May 1998 - Technical Report DoD Product Line Practice Workshop Report By John K. Bergey, Robert W. Krut - Jr., Paul C. Clements, Sholom G. Cohen, Patrick Donohoe, Lawrence G. Jones, Linda M. Northrop, Scott R. Tilley (Florida Institute of Technoloy), Dennis B. Smith, James Withey

This report synthesizes the 1998 product line workshop presentations and discussions that described selected product line practices and identified barriers and enablers to achieving these practices within the DoD.