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White Paper | December 2012 - White Paper A Framework for Software Product Line Practice, Version 5.0 By Linda M. Northrop, Paul C. Clements, Reed Little, John McGregor, Liam O'Brien, Felix Bachmann, John K. Bergey, Gary Chastek, Sholom G. Cohen, Patrick Donohoe, Lawrence G. Jones, Robert W. Krut - Jr.

This document describes the activities and practices in which an organization must be competent before it can benefit from fielding a product line of software systems.

Technical Note | July 2001 - Technical Note Architecture Reconstruction to Support a Product Line Effort ... By Liam O'Brien

This report describes the architecture reconstruction process that was followed when the SEI performed architecture reconstructions on three small automotive motor systems.

Presentation | September 2008 - Presentation Combining Product Line Engineering and Service Oriented ... By Jörg Bartholdt (Siemens AG), Bernd Franke (Siemens AG), C. Schwanninger (Siemens AG), Michael Stal (Siemens AG)

This 2008 presentation was delivered by Jörg Bartholdt, Bernd Franke, C. Schwanninger, and Michael Stal of Siemens AG.

Collection | December 2014 - Collection Software Product Lines Collection

This collection includes two decades of SEI work on software product lines.

Technical Report | September 2005 - Technical Report The US Army's Common Avionics Architecture System (CAAS) ... By Paul C. Clements, John K. Bergey

This report offers a case study of organizations that have adopted a software product line approach for developing a family of software-intensive systems.

White Paper | January 2009 - White Paper The Arcade Game Maker Pedagogical Product Line

The Arcade Game Maker product line is an example product line created to support learning about and experimenting with software product lines in the classroom.

Technical Note | July 2003 - Technical Note Using the Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM) to ... By Mario R. Barbacci, Paul C. Clements, Anthony J. Lattanze, Linda M. Northrop, William G. Wood

This 2003 technical note describes an ATAM evaluation of the software architecture for an avionics system developed for the Technology Applications Program Office (TAPO) of the U.S. Army Special Operations Command Office.

Technical Note | May 2010 - Technical Note Managing Variation in Services in a Software Product Line ... By Sholom G. Cohen, Robert W. Krut - Jr.

This report highlights the mutual benefits of combining systematic reuse approaches from product line development with flexible approaches for implementing business processes in a service oriented architecture.

Technical Report | July 1999 - Technical Report Architecture Tradeoff Analyses of C4ISR Products By Mario R. Barbacci, William G. Wood

This report describes how various C4ISR products can be used in the context of an ATAM evaluation and their relative value for generating quality attribute-specific scenarios required for an ATAM evaluation.

Presentation | September 2006 - Presentation Service Oriented Architectures and Product Lines - What is the ... By Robert W. Krut - Jr.

Presented at The 11th International Software Product Line Conference (SPLC 2007), held from September 10-14, 2007, in Kyoto, Japan.