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Webinar | December 2009 - Webinar The Impact of Scale By Linda M. Northrop

This talk shares the results of a study on ULS systems, documented in the book Ultra-Large-Scale Systems: The Software Challenge of the Future, as well as recent work in that area.

Webinar | January 2011 - Webinar Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) V1.3 and ... By Lawrence G. Jones, Michael D. Konrad

Lawrence G. Jones and Michael D. Konrad address the basics of architecture-centric engineering, and discuss where and how these practices are reflected in the CMMI model.

Webinar | May 2013 - Webinar Architecting in a Complex World: Uncovering Architectural ... By Michael J. Gagliardi

Mike Gagliardi describes development challenges in usability/automation, capability gaps, resource management, training, migration of legacy systems, and collaboration that they have identified from 46 Mission Thread Workshops.

Webinar | May 2013 - Webinar Architecting in a Complex World: Achieving Agility and ... By Ipek Ozkaya

Ipek Ozkaya explores tactics about how organizations can better take advantage of software architecting for large-scale agile software-development efforts.

Webinar | May 2013 - Webinar Architecting in a Complex World: Eliciting and Specifying ... By Rob Wojcik

Rob Wojcik describes the Quality Attribute Workshop, a scenario-based approach for eliciting requirements for quality attributes (non-functional system qualities such as performance, availability, and security).

Webinar | January 2010 - Webinar SoS Architecture Evaluation and Quality Attribute Specification By Michael J. Gagliardi

Mike Gagliardi shares a SoS architecture definition and evaluation approach that involves stakeholders in augmenting end-to-end mission threads with quality attribute considerations.

Webinar | April 2012 - Webinar Architecting Software the SEI Way - Software Architecture ... By Rob Wojcik

Although software architecture is a key factor in determining the success or failure of a software system, software professionals throughout the industry continue to struggle with questions like: What exactly is a software architecture? Why is software architecture important?

Webinar | February 2011 - Webinar Emerging Technologies for Software-Reliant Systems By Grace Lewis

In this 2011 presentation, Grace Lewis presents general computation trends and a set of emerging technologies to support the trends for software-reliant SoS such as cloud computing and mobile computing.

Webinar | April 2010 - Webinar Agile Development & Software Architecture - Crossing the ... By Nanette Brown

In this webinar, we will take a journey to each camp to dispel misconceptions and discuss how Agilists and Architects can learn from and benefit each other.

Webinar | July 2010 - Webinar Software Architecture Fundamentals: Technical, Business ... By Rob Wojcik

Rob Wojcik discusses the the role that software architecture plays in an organization, the role of quality attribute requirements in architectural design, and more.