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Webinar | January 2011 - Webinar Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) V1.3 and ... By Lawrence G. Jones, Michael D. Konrad

Lawrence G. Jones and Michael D. Konrad address the basics of architecture-centric engineering, and discuss where and how these practices are reflected in the CMMI model.

Webinar | March 2011 - Webinar Architecture+TSP = High Quality+Fast By Felix Bachmann, Jim McHale, Robert Nord

This presentation on software architecture and the TSP was delivered by Felix Bachmann, Jim McHale, and Robert Nord at the SEI's SATURN 2011 workshop.

Brochure | September 2011 - Brochure Attacking Network and Software Complexities: Tools for the ...

This brochure was produced for the 2011 LandWarNet conference and summarizes the SEI's efforts in the areas of software security and software-reliant systems

Webinar | October 2011 - Webinar SEI Technologies Forum: Architectural Implications of Cloud ... By Grace Lewis

In this October 2011 presentation, Grace Lewis of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) discusses the implications that cloud computing has for software architecture.

Webinar | October 2011 - Webinar SEI Technologies Forum: Agile Development and Architecture ... By Ipek Ozkaya

Ipek Ozikaya discusses how evaluations of tradeoffs and their dependenices must be supported by Agile software development and software architecture practices.

Webinar | April 2011 - Webinar Assurance Cases for Medical Devices By Charles B. Weinstock

In this presentation, Chuck Weinstock gives a brief introduction to assurance cases. He discusses how they are developed and why they are useful

Webinar | February 2011 - Webinar Emerging Technologies for Software-Reliant Systems By Grace Lewis

In this 2011 presentation, Grace Lewis presents general computation trends and a set of emerging technologies to support the trends for software-reliant SoS such as cloud computing and mobile computing.