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Technical Report | June 2010 - Technical Report Software Product Lines: Report of the 2010 US Army Software ... By John K. Bergey, Gary Chastek, Sholom G. Cohen, Patrick Donohoe, Lawrence G. Jones, Linda M. Northrop

This report synthesizes presentations and discussions from a 2010 workshop to discuss product line practices and operational accomplishments.

Brochure | March 2010 - Brochure SEI Software Product Line Diagnostics

Three diagnostic tools for understanding an organization's readiness for and initial approach to software product lines

Technical Note | May 2010 - Technical Note Managing Variation in Services in a Software Product Line ... By Sholom G. Cohen, Robert W. Krut - Jr.

This report highlights the mutual benefits of combining systematic reuse approaches from product line development with flexible approaches for implementing business processes in a service oriented architecture.

White Paper | August 2010 - White Paper Exploring Acquisition Strategies for Adopting a Software ... By John K. Bergey, Lawrence G. Jones

Some basics of software product line practice, the challenges that make product line acquisition unique, and three basic acquisition strategies are all part of this white paper.

Brochure | June 2010 - Brochure Product Line Practice Initiative

The Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute product line practice initiative helps organizations and executives realize the benefits of software product lines practice.

Brochure | December 2010 - Brochure Product Line Practice (PLP) Initiative

The SEI Product Line Practice (PLP) Initiative works to make software product line development and acquisition a low-risk, high-return proposition.

Brochure | June 2010 - Brochure SEI Software Product Line Curriculum

Enhance your skills in software product line adoption and learn how to employ the proven strategies and techniques that make software product lines successful.

Brochure | November 2010 - Brochure Research, Technology, and System Solutions Program ...

This article reprint introduces the Concept Lab, a vehicle for encouraging the development of engineering prototypes that further understanding of new system capabilities and help explain these capabilities to stakeholders.

Podcast | March 2010 - Podcast The Role of the CISO in Developing More Secure Software By Pravir Chandra (Fortify Software), Julia H. Allen

In this podcast, Pravir Chandra warns that CISOs must leave no room for doubt that they understand what is expected of them when developing secure software.

Podcast | September 2010 - Podcast How to Develop More Secure Software - Practices from Thirty ... By Gary McGraw, Sammy Migues (Cigital), Julia H. Allen

In this podcast, participants discuss how organizations can benchmark their software security practices against 109 observed activities from 30 organizations.