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Presentation | March 2007 - Presentation Software Product Lines: Reuse That Makes Business Sense ... By Linda M. Northrop

Presented: March 2007

Presentation | September 2007 - Presentation Product Lines that supply other Product Lines: A Service ... By Sven Apel (University of Passau), Salvador Trujillo (IKERLAN Research Center)

Presented at Service Oriented Architectures and Product Lines - What is the Connection? (SOAPL - 07), September 10, 2007, Kyoto.

Presentation | September 2007 - Presentation Identifying and Specifying Reusable Services of Service ... By Jaejoon Lee (Fraunhofer Institut Experimentelles Software Engineering)

Presentation by Jaejoon Lee (Fraunhofer Institut Experimentelles Software Engineering) on identifying and specifying reusable services for service-oriented architecture (SOA).

Presentation | September 2007 - Presentation A Taxonomy of Variability in Web Service Flows By Sergio Segura (University of Seville), P. Trinidad (University of Seville)

This presentation was given at the Software Product Line Conference (SOAPL - 07) on September 10, 2007, in Kyoto, Japan.

Presentation | September 2007 - Presentation Comparison of Service and Software Product Family Modeling By Tomi Männistö (Helsinki University of Technology), Varvana Myllärniemi (Helsinki University of Technology), Mikko Raatikainen (Helsinki University of Technology)

This presentation compares similarities and differences in service oriented computing modeling and in software product family modeling.