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Technical Note | March 2004 - Technical Note Software Product Lines: Experiences from the Sixth DoD ... By John K. Bergey, Sholom G. Cohen, Lawrence G. Jones, Dennis B. Smith

This 2004 report summarizes the presentations and discussions from the Sixth Department of Defense (DoD) Product Line Practice Workshop in September 2003.

Technical Report | September 2004 - Technical Report Software Product Line Adoption Roadmap By Linda M. Northrop

This 2004 report introduces a variant of the Factory Pattern called the Adoption Factory pattern that provides a generic roadmap to guide a manageable, phased product line adoption strategy.

Technical Note | May 2004 - Technical Note Case Study: A Measurement Program for Product Lines By Sholom G. Cohen, David Zubrow, Ed Dunn (Naval Undersea Warfare Center)

This report documents NUWC's approach for measurement by describing the Goal-Driven Software Measurement approach and providing early results of the measurement program.

Technical Note | September 2004 - Technical Note Software Process Improvement and Product Line Practice ... By Lawrence G. Jones

This 2004 report describes how a process improvement infrastructure can provide a foundation for product line adoption.

Technical Note | March 2004 - Technical Note A Study of Product Production in Software Product Lines By Gary Chastek, Patrick Donohoe, John McGregor

This 2004 report presents the results of a study that focused on how product line organizations create products.