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Showing 1 - 10 of 11 results for Publish Year - 2003 Software Product Lines

Technical Report | September 2003 - Technical Report Product Line Analysis for Practitioners By Gary Chastek, Patrick Donohoe

This 2003 technical report describes the addition of development requirements to product line analysis.

Technical Report | June 2003 - Technical Report Fifth DoD Product Line Practice Workshop Report By John K. Bergey, Sholom G. Cohen, Matt Fisher, Lawrence G. Jones, Linda M. Northrop, William O'Brien

This 2003 document summarizes the presentations and discussions from the Fifth Department of Defense (DoD) Product Line Practice Workshop, held in August 2002.

Technical Note | October 2003 - Technical Note Measures for Software Product Lines By David Zubrow, Gary Chastek

This 2003 report characterizes the status of measurement associated with the operation of a software product line, suggests a small set of measures to support its management, and provides guidance for those establishing measurement activities within a software product line.

Technical Report | June 2003 - Technical Report The Evolution of Product Line Assets By John McGregor

The focus of this 2003 technical report is how evolutionary changes affect the various types of assets in a software product line.

Presentation | January 2003 - Presentation From Projects to Product Lines: A Product Line Economics ... By Jukka Heikkilä, Rauli Käppi, Kai Vuolajärvi

This presentation provides an overview of the SCAMPI appraisal method.

Presentation | January 2003 - Presentation Software Product Lines in Acquisition By Grady Campbell

This 2003 presentation on Software Product Lines in Acquisition was delivered by Grady Campbell of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) in January 2003.

Technical Note | July 2003 - Technical Note Predicting When Product Line Investment Pays By Sholom G. Cohen

This 2003 report defines key factors to consider in taking an incremental approach to fielding a product line.

Technical Note | July 2003 - Technical Note Using the Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM) to ... By Mario R. Barbacci, Paul C. Clements, Anthony J. Lattanze, Linda M. Northrop, William G. Wood

This 2003 technical note describes an ATAM evaluation of the software architecture for an avionics system developed for the Technology Applications Program Office (TAPO) of the U.S. Army Special Operations Command Office.

Presentation | January 2003 - Presentation A Cost Model for Software System Families By Günter Böckle, Klaus Schmid

This presentation was delivered in January 2003.

Technical Report | December 2003 - Technical Report SACAM: The Software Architecture Comparison Analysis ... By Christoph Stoermer, Felix Bachmann, Chris Verhoef

The report describes SACAM, a method that provides rationale for an architecture selection process by comparing the fitness of architecture candidates for required systems.