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Technical Note | July 2002 - Technical Note Software Process Improvement and Product Line Practice ... By Lawrence G. Jones, Albert Soule

This 2002 report explores the relationship between software product line practice, as defined by the Framework for Software Product Line Practice, and software engineering process discipline, as defined by the CMMI models.

Technical Note | September 2002 - Technical Note Successful Product Line Development and Sustainment: A ... By Sholom G. Cohen, Ed Dunn (Naval Undersea Warfare Center), Albert Soule

This case study describes the Naval Undersea Warfare Center's (NWUC) efforts to sustain and support the evolution of RangeWare, a software product line asset base used to test range operations.

Technical Report | November 2002 - Technical Report Salion, Inc.: A Software Product Line Case Study By Paul C. Clements, Linda M. Northrop

This 2002 case study outlines the efforts of Salion, Inc., an enterprise software company providing Revenue Acquisition Management solutions tailored to the unique needs of automotive suppliers.

Technical Note | September 2002 - Technical Note Product Line State of the Practice Report By Sholom G. Cohen

This 2002 report outlines the state of software product line practice in industry. The report blends a case study with the results of a product line questionnaire that was sent to organizations with meaningful product line experiences and with the results of a product line workshop held during the recent International Conference on Software Reuse.

Technical Report | June 2002 - Technical Report Guidelines for Developing a Product Line Production Plan By Gary Chastek, John McGregor

This 2002 technical report provides guidance for creating, using, and evaluating a production plan, which is a description of how core assets are to be used to develop a product in a product line.

Technical Note | June 2002 - Technical Note A Software Product Line Vision for Defense Acquisition By Grady Campbell

This report presents a vision for software product lines as an acquisition focus and suggests extensions to current Department of Defense policy and practices to increase the awareness of and receptivity to product line acquisition.

Technical Note | September 2002 - Technical Note Product Line Production Planning for the Home Integration ... By Gary Chastek, Patrick Donohoe, John McGregor

This 2002 technical note examines the significant characteristics of the production plans of three hypothetical organizations that create product lines of home integration systems.

Technical Report | August 2002 - Technical Report Software Architecture Reconstruction: Practice Needs and ... By Liam O'Brien, Christoph Stoermer, Chris Verhoef

This report presents the concept of practice scenarios for architecture reconstruction.