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Podcast | February 2016 - Podcast Identifying the Architectural Roots of Vulnerabilities By Rick Kazman, Carol Woody

In this podcast, Rick Kazman and Carol Woody discuss an approach for identifying architecture debt in a large-scale industrial software project by modeling software architecture as design rule spaces.

Podcast | February 2014 - Podcast Security Pattern Assurance through Roundtrip Engineering By Rick Kazman, Suzanne Miller

In this podcast, Rick Kazman discusses these challenges and a solution he has developed for achieving system security qualities through use of patterns.

Technical Report | November 2003 - Technical Report Architecture Reconstruction Guidelines, Third Edition By Rick Kazman, Liam O'Brien, Chris Verhoef

This report describes the process of architecture reconstruction using the Dali architecture reconstruction workbench.

Conference Paper | September 2012 - Conference Paper An Early Look at Defining Variability Requirements for System ... By John Klein, Gary Chastek, Sholom G. Cohen, Rick Kazman, John McGregor

This paper describes the development of a method for analyzing decisions about requirements for common platforms for systems of systems to enable controlled evolution.

Technical Note | September 1999 - Technical Note Software Architecture Evaluation with ATAM in the DoD ... By John K. Bergey, Matt Fisher, Lawrence G. Jones, Rick Kazman

This report explains the basics of software architecture and software architecture evaluation in a system acquisition context.

Technical Report | December 2005 - Technical Report Categorizing Business Goals for Software Architectures By Rick Kazman, Len Bass

This report provides a categorization of possible business goals for software-intensive systems, so that individuals have some guidance in the elicitation, expression, and documentation of business goals.