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Technical Report | November 2003 - Technical Report Architecture Reconstruction Guidelines, Third Edition By Rick Kazman, Liam O'Brien, Chris Verhoef

This report describes the process of architecture reconstruction using the Dali architecture reconstruction workbench.

Webinar | May 2015 - Webinar Approaching Security from an "Architecture First" Perspective By Rick Kazman

In this talk we report on three case studies of real-world projects—two industrial and one open-source—where we attempted to measure the consequences of various architectural approaches to security.

Technical Report | December 2005 - Technical Report Categorizing Business Goals for Software Architectures By Rick Kazman, Len Bass

This report provides a categorization of possible business goals for software-intensive systems, so that individuals have some guidance in the elicitation, expression, and documentation of business goals.

Technical Note | September 1999 - Technical Note Software Architecture Evaluation with ATAM in the DoD ... By John K. Bergey, Matt Fisher, Lawrence G. Jones, Rick Kazman

This report explains the basics of software architecture and software architecture evaluation in a system acquisition context.