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Webinar | November 2010 - Webinar Maximizing the Investment from Your Software Product ... By Linda M. Northrop

Linda Northrop describes the basic concepts of software product lines, summarizing the software engineering and management practices needed for a product line approach.

Webinar | April 2012 - Webinar Architecting Software the SEI Way - Architecture Evaluation: A ... By Felix Bachmann

At this 2012 event, Felix Bachmann discussed the concepts used by an Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM) that make an evaluation successful, which can be integrated into the architecture design process to ensure the creation of successful systems.

Webinar | December 2009 - Webinar The Impact of Scale By Linda M. Northrop

This talk shares the results of a study on ULS systems, documented in the book Ultra-Large-Scale Systems: The Software Challenge of the Future, as well as recent work in that area.

Webinar | September 2009 - Webinar How to Effectively Evaluate Software Architecture and Identify ... By Felix Bachmann

In this 2009 webinar, Felix Bachmann discusses how using the Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM) can help identify risks early in a product's life cycle.

Webinar | January 2011 - Webinar Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) V1.3 and ... By Lawrence G. Jones, Michael D. Konrad

Lawrence G. Jones and Michael D. Konrad address the basics of architecture-centric engineering, and discuss where and how these practices are reflected in the CMMI model.

Webinar | March 2011 - Webinar Architecture+TSP = High Quality+Fast By Felix Bachmann, Jim McHale, Robert Nord

This presentation on software architecture and the TSP was delivered by Felix Bachmann, Jim McHale, and Robert Nord at the SEI's SATURN 2011 workshop.

Webinar | November 2012 - Webinar Use of ACE for Improving a Software System By Felix Bachmann

In this webinar, we will show how the SEI's architecture methods can be used to improve an existing software system.

Webinar | May 2016 - Webinar What Makes a Good Software Architect? By Ipek Ozkaya, Andrew Kotov, John Klein

In this webinar, SEI researchers and an industry colleague discussed in two talks What Makes a Good Software Architect?

Webinar | June 2010 - Webinar Securing Global Software Supply Chains By Robert J. Ellison

In this 2010 webinar, Bob Ellison examines the software side pf supply chain and provides examples to help acquirers manage supply chains.

Webinar | January 2015 - Webinar Tactical Cloudlets: Moving Cloud Computing to the Edge By Grace Lewis

This webinar presents the tactical cloudlet concept and experimentation results for five different cloudlet provisioning mechanisms.