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White Paper | August 2013 - White Paper State of Cyber Workforce Development By Marie Baker

This paper summarizes the current posture of the cyber workforce and several initiatives designed to strengthen, grow, and retain cybersecurity professionals.

Collection | August 2014 - Collection Competency Development and Workforce Readiness

The following publications relate to competency development and workforce readiness.

White Paper | March 2012 - White Paper Digital Investigation Workforce Development By Dennis M. Allen

In this paper, the authors describe an approach for deriving measures of software security from well-established and commonly used standard practices.

White Paper | September 2016 - White Paper Striving for Effective Cyber Workforce Development By Marie Baker

This paper reviews the issue of cyber awareness and identify efforts to combat this deficiency and concludes with strategies moving forward.

Technical Report | December 2010 - Technical Report The CERT Approach to Cybersecurity Workforce Development By Josh Hammerstein, Christopher May

This report describes a model commonly used for developing and maintaining a competent cybersecurity workforce, explains some operational limitations associated with that model, and presents a new approach to cybersecurity workforce development.

Technical Report | June 2014 - Technical Report Job Analysis Results for Malicious-Code Reverse Engineers ... By Jennifer Cowley

This report describes individual and team factors that enable, encumber, or halt the development of malicious-code reverse engineering expertise.

Collection | January 2017 - Collection Secure DevOps Collection

This collection provides useful information about implementing DevOps in your organization.

Brochure | November 2017 - Brochure CERT Cybersecurity Training & Education Catalog

This catalog summarizes the cybersecurity courses and certificates offered by the CERT Division of the SEI.

CERT Research Report | September 2009 - CERT Research Report 2009 CERT Research Report

In this 2009 report, the authors summarize the research conducted by the CERT Division of the Software Engineering Institute in 2009.

White Paper | December 2003 - White Paper CERT Research 2003 Annual Report

This report provides brief abstracts for major research projects, followed by more detailed descriptions of these projects, for all CERT research conducted in the year 2003.