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Webinar | June 2014 - Webinar When Measurement Benefits the Measured By Mark Kasunic, William Nichols

During this webinar, we shared the performance results of over 100 software teams that have carefully tracked their schedule performance and the quality of their work.

Webinar | August 2013 - Webinar CHECKPOINT Diagnostic By Timothy A. Chick, Gene Miluk

This webinar will introduce the methodology and outputs of SEI's latest investigative approach: the Checkpoint Diagnostic (CPD). The CPD is the foundational technology in a well-designed Performance Improvement Program.

Webinar | July 2012 - Webinar SEI Agile Research Forum: Agility and Discipline By James W. Over

In this 2012 webinar, James W. Over of the Software Engineering Institute presents views from research and from his experience in balancing agility and discipline.

Webinar | April 2012 - Webinar Getting the performance you need from processes that work ... By Timothy A. Chick, David Cox (ABB Corporate Research), Suzanne Garcia-Miller, Gene Miluk

This 2012 webinar introduces a process improvement method called the CMMI Accelerated Improvement Method, which provides quantifiable performance improvements - leading to a high ROI.

Webinar | October 2011 - Webinar SEI Technologies Forum: A Brief Survey of the Team Software ... By Jim McHale

In this 2011 presentation, Jim McHale provides a brief overview of the Team Software Process (TSP), discussing what it is, how it works, and how it meshes with other methodologies.

Webinar | July 2011 - Webinar Making Agile Work for You By Timothy A. Chick

Timothy A. Chick gives an understanding on the agile fundamentals, starting with a glance at the most commonly used agile methods before going into a more structured approach.

Webinar | March 2011 - Webinar Architecture+TSP = High Quality+Fast By Felix Bachmann, Jim McHale, Robert Nord

This presentation on software architecture and the TSP was delivered by Felix Bachmann, Jim McHale, and Robert Nord at the SEI's SATURN 2011 workshop.

Webinar | July 2010 - Webinar The Next Generation of Process Evolution By Gene Miluk

Gene Miluk challenges fundamental assumptions regarding the implementation of CMMI, and more and discusses how the SEI is defining the next generation of process evolution.

Webinar | November 2008 - Webinar Using the Team Software Process to Improve Performance By Daniel Burton

In this 2008 webinar, Timothy A. Chick explains the Team Software Process (TSP) and how it can relate to CMMI, showing quantitative results demonstrated through TSP use.