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Collection | December 2017 - Collection System of Systems Engineering Collection

This collection explores approaches to a systematic method for tracking and measuring interoperability, costs, and risks associated with systems of systems.

SEI Virtual Event Showcases Value of System Quality ...

On January 16, 2013, senior researchers from the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) hosted “Architecting in a Complex World.” The SEI researchers explored ways to overcome challenging aspects of complexity.

SEI Brings Wide Expertise to Commercial Mobile Alert Service ...

SEI experts team up to create integration strategy for the Department of Homeland Security's Commercial Mobile Alert Service (CMAS).

White Paper | June 2013 - White Paper Common Software Platforms in System-of-Systems ... By John Klein, Sholom G. Cohen, Rick Kazman

System-of-systems (SoS) architectures based on common software platforms have been commercially successful, but progress on creating and adopting them has been slow. This study aimed to understand technical issues for their development and adoption.

Cloud Computing: Finding the Silver Lining, Not the Silver ...

In recent months, technology news headlines have been dominated by cloud computing—a large-scale model in which computing power, software, storage services, and platforms are delivered on demand to external customers.

Software Professionals Across the Globe Participate in SEI ...

Nearly 500 software professionals worldwide joined experts from the SEI at CMU and the United States Department of Defense (DoD) for “The SEI Agile Research Forum: Meeting the Challenges of Large-Scale Systems.”

Brochure | December 2010 - Brochure System of Systems (SoS) Practice Initiative


White Paper | May 2011 - White Paper Software Assurance for System of Systems By John B. Goodenough, Linda M. Northrop

In this paper, the authors discuss confidence in system and SoS behavior and how theories can be used to make the assurance process more effective.

Technical Note | February 2010 - Technical Note Profiling Systems Using the Defining Characteristics of ... By Donald Firesmith

This technical note identifies and describes the characteristics that have been used in various definitions of the term system of systems.

Technical Note | September 2010 - Technical Note T-Check in System-of-Systems Technologies: Cloud ... By Harrison D. Strowd, Grace Lewis

The purpose of this report is to examine a set of claims about cloud computing adoption.