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Webinar | March 2016 - Webinar Using Network Flow to Gain Cyber Situational Awareness By Sid Faber

During this webinar we discussed the foundations of cyber situational awareness and how to apply situational awareness concepts to the cyber domain.

Webinar | May 2017 - Webinar Building Analytics for Network Flow Records By Timothy J. Shimeall, Matthew Heckathorn

Learn how to identify network flow characteristics and metrics that support understanding traffic

Webinar | December 2017 - Webinar Four Valuable Data Sources for Network Security Analytics By Timothy J. Shimeall

This webinar focused on the development and application of combined data analytics and offered several examples of analytics that combine domain resolution data, network device inventory and configuration data, and intrusion detection.

Webinar | November 2015 - Webinar Using DidFail to Analyze Flow of Sensitive Information in Sets ... By Lori Flynn, William Klieber

Will Klieber and Lori Flynn discuss undesired flows of sensitive information within and between Android apps.

Webinar | May 2014 - Webinar Heartbleed: Analysis, Thoughts, and Actions By Will Dormann, Robert Floodeen, Brent Kennedy, William Nichols, Jason McCormick, Robert C. Seacord

Panelists discussed the impact of Heartbleed, methods to mitigate the vulnerability, and ways to prevent crises like this in the future.