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Webinar | October 2008 - Webinar Measurement and Analysis Infrastructure Diagnostic, Creating ... By Mark Kasunic, David Zubrow

This 2008 webinar describes the current status of an effort to develop MAID, a criteria-based approach for evaluating an organization‰s measurement and analysis infrastructure.

Webinar | December 2014 - Webinar Risk Priority Number (RPN) – A Method for Software Defect ... By Will Hayes, Julie B. Cohen

This webinar will explain the component used in RPN and how it can help a program select between competing defects to best utilize constrained resources to help lower overall system risk.

Webinar | November 2012 - Webinar Quantifying Uncertainty in Early Lifecycle Cost Estimation By Jim McCurley, Robert Stoddard

In this presentation we describe a new, integrative approach for pre-Milestone A cost estimation, which we call QUELCE (Quantifying Uncertainty in Early Lifecycle Cost Estimation).

Webinar | August 2013 - Webinar CHECKPOINT Diagnostic By Timothy A. Chick, Gene Miluk

This webinar will introduce the methodology and outputs of SEI's latest investigative approach: the Checkpoint Diagnostic (CPD). The CPD is the foundational technology in a well-designed Performance Improvement Program.

Webinar | December 2009 - Webinar How Unstated Customer Needs May Drive Innovation By Robert W. Stoddard

Robert W. Stoddard discusses SEI SEMA's efforts on Voice-of-the-Customer methods, which are shown to be effective at identifying unstated customer needs (Dec. 2009).

Webinar | July 2010 - Webinar The Next Generation of Process Evolution By Gene Miluk

Gene Miluk challenges fundamental assumptions regarding the implementation of CMMI, and more and discusses how the SEI is defining the next generation of process evolution.

Webinar | November 2017 - Webinar Three Secrets to Successful Agile Metrics By Will Hayes

Watch this webcast to gain insights into effective metrics programs in government settings.

Webinar | June 2010 - Webinar Critical Lessons Learned in the Content and Delivery of Six ... By Robert W. Stoddard, David Zubrow

In this webinar, Robert W. Stoddard and David Zubrow summarize critical lessons learned from several large corporations in both the content and delivery of Six Sigma training.

Webinar | October 2011 - Webinar SEI Technologies Forum: Measuring Operational Resilience By Julia H. Allen

In this webinar, Julia Allen suggests 10 strategic resilience measures and the means to derive them for improving organizational security measurements.

Webinar | April 2009 - Webinar A Practical Approach for Building CMMI Process Performance ... By Kevin Schaaff, Robert W. Stoddard, Rusty Young, David Zubrow

This 2009 webinar targets individuals who will be developing and using process performance models as part of an overall CMMI High Maturity improvement framework.