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Podcast | August 2018 - Podcast Workplace Violence and Insider Threat By Tracy Cassidy, Carrie Gardner

Tracy Cassidy and Carrie Gardner, researchers with the CERT National Insider Threat Center, discuss research on using technology to detect an employee’s intent to cause physical harm.

White Paper | July 2018 - White Paper Navigating the Insider Threat Tool Landscape: Low-Cost ... By Derrick Spooner, George Silowash, Daniel L. Costa, Michael J. Albrethsen

This paper explores low cost technical solutions that can help organizations prevent, detect, and respond to insider incidents.

Podcast | November 2017 - Podcast Positive Incentives for Reducing Insider Threat By Andrew P. Moore, Daniel Bauer

Andrew Moore and Daniel Bauer highlight results from our recent research that suggests organizations need to take a more holistic approach to mitigating insider threat.

Technical Report | December 2016 - Technical Report Common Sense Guide to Mitigating Insider Threats, Fifth ... By Matthew L. Collins, Michael C. Theis, Randall F. Trzeciak, Jeremy R. Strozer, Jason W. Clark, Daniel L. Costa, Tracy Cassidy, Michael J. Albrethsen, Andrew P. Moore

Presents recommendations for mitigating insider threat based on CERT's continued research and analysis of over 1,000 cases.

Brochure | November 2017 - Brochure CERT Insider Threat Center By CERT Insider Threat Center

This booklet describes the CERT Insider Threat Center's purpose, products, and services, including assessments, workshops, courses, and certificate programs.

Podcast | December 2017 - Podcast 5 Best Practices for Preventing and Responding to Insider ... By Randall F. Trzeciak

Randy Trzeciak, technical manager of the CERT National Insider Threat Center, discusses five best practices for preventing and responding to insider threat.

Presentation | December 2017 - Presentation Model-Driven Insider Threat Control Selection and ... By Randall F. Trzeciak, Daniel L. Costa

This presentation discusses how organizations can identify, prioritize, and select appropriate security controls.

Software | November 2016 - Software Insider Threat Test Dataset

The Insider Threat Test Dataset is a collection of synthetic insider threat test datasets that provide both background and malicious actor synthetic data.

Technical Report | May 2016 - Technical Report An Insider Threat Indicator Ontology By Daniel L. Costa, Michael J. Albrethsen, Matthew L. Collins, Samuel J. Perl, George Silowash, Derrick Spooner

This report presents an ontology for insider threat indicators, describes how the ontology was developed, and outlines the process by which it was validated.

Presentation | October 2017 - Presentation Technical Detection of Intended Violence against Self or ... By Tracy Cassidy

Presentation on research to use insider threat tools to detect indicators of employees who are may be on a path to harm themselves and/or others within the workplace