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Webinar | July 2016 - Webinar Security Requirements Engineering By Christopher J. Alberts

Learn the importance of developing security requirements in the same time frame as functional requirements.

Webinar | May 2010 - Webinar Engineering Improvement in Software Assurance: A ... By Lisa Brownsword, Carol Woody

In this 2010 webinar, Carol Woody describes and presents a pilot of the Assurance Modeling Framework, and discusses insights gained from its application.

Webinar | August 2013 - Webinar The Cyber Security R&D Pipeline – Building Capability ... By Greg Shannon

In this 2013 webinar, Dr. Greg Shannon describes advances in software engineering to build systems with predictable and improved quality, cost, and schedule.

Webinar | August 2013 - Webinar Observations of Successful Cyber Security Operations By Roman Danyliw

In this 2013 webinar, Roman Danyliw discusses how cyber security organizations react to new technologies or adversaries.

Webinar | November 2015 - Webinar Enhancing Mobile Device Security By Jose A. Morales

Jose Morales discusses mobile device security enhancements with defensive and offensive uses.

Webinar | August 2015 - Webinar Culture Shock: Unlocking DevOps with Collaboration and ... By Todd Waits, Aaron Volkmann

Watch a discussion about ways to shift organizational culture to achieve DevOps. We highlighted communication tools and movements, such as ChatOps.

Webinar | November 2015 - Webinar Using DidFail to Analyze Flow of Sensitive Information in Sets ... By Lori Flynn, William Klieber

Will Klieber and Lori Flynn discuss undesired flows of sensitive information within and between Android apps.

Webinar | June 2010 - Webinar Securing Global Software Supply Chains By Robert J. Ellison

In this 2010 webinar, Bob Ellison examines the software side pf supply chain and provides examples to help acquirers manage supply chains.

Webinar | July 2010 - Webinar Transforming Your Operational Resilience Management ... By Richard A. Caralli

In this webinar, Rich Caralli, architect of CERT RMM, describes how an organization can use the RMM to transform its operational resilience.

Webinar | November 2015 - Webinar DevOps Panel Discussion By Kevin Fall, Hasan Yasar, Joseph D. Yankel

CERT researchers discuss DevOps and its relationship to cybersecurity and the dynamic threat.