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Webinar | November 2008 - Webinar CMMI-Agile By Michael D. Konrad

In this 2008 webinar, Michael D. Konrad talks about how Agile methods and CMMI can be used to dramatically improve business performance when properly used together.

Webinar | September 2008 - Webinar CMMI on the Web By Deen Blash, Shane McGraw

This presentation provides a high-level overview of CMMI and its related products on the SEI website. It was presented in an SEI Webinar on Thursday September 25, 2008.

Webinar | February 2010 - Webinar What to Expect from CMMI v1.3 By Mike Phillips

In this webinar, Mike Phillips discusses what users can expect with the latest release of the CMMI Product Suite - CMMI Version 1.3 in the November 2010.

Webinar | April 2009 - Webinar A Practical Approach for Building CMMI Process Performance ... By Kevin Schaaff, Robert W. Stoddard, Rusty Young, David Zubrow

This 2009 webinar targets individuals who will be developing and using process performance models as part of an overall CMMI High Maturity improvement framework.

Webinar | November 2008 - Webinar Recursion in the CMMI Project Management Process Areas By Alfred Schenker

November 20, 2008 presentation by Fred Schenker on Recursion in the CMMI Project Management Process Areas; explores recursion and iteration and their use in CMMI.

Webinar | February 2010 - Webinar CMMI for Services By Eileen C. Forrester

In this webinar, Eileen Forrester presents an overview on the results and status of CMMI-SVC use to date, opportunities for its users and partners, and more.

Webinar | July 2010 - Webinar The Next Generation of Process Evolution By Gene Miluk

Gene Miluk challenges fundamental assumptions regarding the implementation of CMMI, and more and discusses how the SEI is defining the next generation of process evolution.

Webinar | November 2009 - Webinar How to Use the People CMM to Create Effective Managers By Palma Buttles-Valdez, Gian Wemyss

This presentation focuses on teaching managers how they can use maturity level 2 practices of the P-CMM to build workforce capacity in an organization.

Webinar | February 2009 - Webinar CMMI Version 1.3 Product Suite By Michael D. Konrad, Rusty Young

In this 2009 webinar, Michael D. Konrad and Rusty Young discuss CMMI Version 1.3 and the changes that it will bring to the entire CMMI Product Suite.

Webinar | February 2009 - Webinar Recursion and Iteration of CMMI Project Management ... By Alfred Schenker

In this 2009 webinar, Fred Schenker of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) examines project management practices from the perspective of both recursion and iteration.