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Webinar | April 2012 - Webinar Getting the performance you need from processes that work ... By Timothy A. Chick, David Cox (ABB Corporate Research), Suzanne Garcia-Miller, Gene Miluk

This 2012 webinar introduces a process improvement method called the CMMI Accelerated Improvement Method, which provides quantifiable performance improvements - leading to a high ROI.

Webinar | January 2012 - Webinar SEI Technologies Forum: CMMI-SVC: The Strategic ... By Eileen C. Forrester

Eileen Forrester talks about the CMMI-SVC and the larger strategic choices open to those who consider how superior service can revolutionize both work and business results (2011).

Webinar | August 2011 - Webinar Ask the CMMI Experts By CMMI Product Team, Rusty Young, Mike Phillips, Michael D. Konrad, Eileen C. Forrester, Mary Beth Chrissis

During this webinar, members of the SEI's CMMI Product Team lead an interactive session answering your CMMI questions.

Webinar | January 2011 - Webinar Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) V1.3 and ... By Lawrence G. Jones, Michael D. Konrad

Lawrence G. Jones and Michael D. Konrad address the basics of architecture-centric engineering, and discuss where and how these practices are reflected in the CMMI model.

Webinar | October 2010 - Webinar Are You Ready for the Release? What You Need to Know ... By Eileen C. Forrester

In this 2010 webinar, Eileen Forrester discusses the release of CMMI V1.3 and additional plans for CMMI-SVC for 2011.

Webinar | July 2010 - Webinar The Next Generation of Process Evolution By Gene Miluk

Gene Miluk challenges fundamental assumptions regarding the implementation of CMMI, and more and discusses how the SEI is defining the next generation of process evolution.

Webinar | June 2010 - Webinar SCAMPI v1.3: Sampling By Will Hayes

In this second webinar about SCAMPI v1.3, the SCAMPI Upgrade Team will be sharing detailed information about the scoping and sampling process designed for the method upgrade.

Webinar | March 2010 - Webinar SCAMPI v1.3 Changes By Will Hayes

In this 2010 webinar, Will Hayes discusses the major technical changes anticipated in SCAMPI v1.3 and provides insights about present challenges and future improvements to SCAMPI.

Webinar | February 2010 - Webinar CMMI for Services By Eileen C. Forrester

In this webinar, Eileen Forrester presents an overview on the results and status of CMMI-SVC use to date, opportunities for its users and partners, and more.

Webinar | February 2010 - Webinar What to Expect from CMMI v1.3 By Mike Phillips

In this webinar, Mike Phillips discusses what users can expect with the latest release of the CMMI Product Suite - CMMI Version 1.3 in the November 2010.