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Podcast | May 2016 - Podcast Threat Modeling and the Internet of Things By Art Manion, Allen D. Householder

Art Manion and Allen Householder of the CERT Vulnerability Analysis team, talk about threat modeling and its use in improving the security of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Podcast | April 2015 - Podcast Data Driven Software Assurance By Michael D. Konrad, Art Manion

In 2012, SEI researchers began investigating vulnerabilities reported to the SEI's CERT Division. A research project was launched to investigate design-related vulnerabilities and quantify their effects.

Podcast | August 2016 - Podcast Security and the Internet of Things By Art Manion

In this podcast, CERT researcher Art Manion discusses work that his team is doing with the Department of Homeland Security to examine and secure IoT devices.

Podcast | May 2015 - Podcast Defect Prioritization With the Risk Priority Number By Will Hayes, Julie B. Cohen

In this podcast, Will Hayes and Julie Cohen discuss a generalized technique that could be used with any type of system to assist the program office in addressing and resolving the conflicting views and creating a better value system for defining releases.

Podcast | February 2016 - Podcast Identifying the Architectural Roots of Vulnerabilities By Rick Kazman, Carol Woody

In this podcast, Rick Kazman and Carol Woody discuss an approach for identifying architecture debt in a large-scale industrial software project by modeling software architecture as design rule spaces.