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Podcast | March 2014 - Podcast Adapting the PSP to Incorporate Verified Design by Contract By William Nichols, Suzanne Miller

In this podcast, Bill Nichols discusses a proposal for integrating the Verified Design by Contract method into PSP to reduce the number of defects present at the unit-esting phase, while preserving or improving productivity.

Podcast | December 2013 - Podcast From Process to Performance-Based Improvement By Timothy A. Chick, Gene Miluk, Suzanne Miller

In this podcast, Tim Chick and Gene Miluk discuss methodology and outputs of the Checkpoint Diagnostic, a tool that provides organizations with actionable performance related information and analysis closely linked to business value.

Podcast | January 2013 - Podcast The Fundamentals of Agile By Tim Chick

In this episode, Tim Chick, a senior member of the technical staff in the Team Software Process (TSP) initiative, discusses the fundamentals of agile, specifically what it means for an organization to be agile.

Podcast | October 2012 - Podcast Architecting a Financial System with TSP By Felix Bachmann, Jim McHale

In this episode, Felix Bachmann and James McHale discuss their work on a project between the SEI and Bursatec to create a reliable and fast new trading system for Groupo Bolsa Mexicana de Valores, the Mexican Stock Exchange.

Podcast | September 2012 - Podcast How a Disciplined Process Enhances & Enables Agility By Bill Nichols

In this podcast, Bill Nichols discusses how a disciplined process enables and enhances agility