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Podcast | August 2015 - Podcast Improving Quality Using Architecture Fault Analysis with ... By Peter H. Feiler

The case study shows that by combining an analytical approach with confidence maps, we can present a structured argument that system requirements have been met and problems in the design have been addressed adequately.

Podcast | June 2014 - Podcast Safety and Behavior Specification Using the Architecture ... By Julien Delange, Suzanne Miller

Julien Delange discusses two extensions to the Architecture Analysis and Design Language: the behavior annex and the error-model annex.

Podcast | September 2012 - Podcast An Architecture-Focused Measurement Framework for ... By Ipek Ozkaya

In this podcast, Ipek Ozkaya discusses the SEI's research on the strategic management of technical debt, which involves decisions made to defer necessary work during the planning or execution of a software project.

Podcast | October 2016 - Podcast A Requirement Specification Language for AADL By Peter H. Feiler

In this podcast, Peter Feiler describes a textual requirement specification language for the Architecture Analysis & Design Language (AADL) called ReqSpec.

Podcast | February 2016 - Podcast Identifying the Architectural Roots of Vulnerabilities By Rick Kazman, Carol Woody

In this podcast, Rick Kazman and Carol Woody discuss an approach for identifying architecture debt in a large-scale industrial software project by modeling software architecture as design rule spaces.

Podcast | January 2017 - Podcast Security Modeling Tools By Julien Delange

In this podcast, Julien Delange discusses security modeling tools that his team developed and how to use them to capture vulnerabilities and their propagation path in an architecture.

Podcast | January 2013 - Podcast The Latest Developments in AADL By Peter Feiler, Julien Delange

Julien Delange and Peter Feiler discuss the latest developments with the Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL) standard.

Podcast | December 2014 - Podcast AADL and Dassault Aviation By Thierry Cornilleau (Dassault Aviation), Peter H. Feiler

In this podcast, Peter Feiler and Thierry Cornilleau discuss their experiences with the Architecture Analysis and Design Language.

Podcast | January 2017 - Podcast Three Roles and Three Failure Patterns of Software Architects By John Klein

This podcast explores three roles and three failure patterns of software architects that he has observed working with industry and government software projects.

Podcast | March 2015 - Podcast Introduction to the Mission Thread Workshop By Michael J. Gagliardi

In this podcast, Mike Gagliardi introduces the Mission Thread Workshop, a method for understanding architectural and engineering considerations for developing and sustaining systems of systems.