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Podcast | January 2014 - Podcast Raising the Bar - Mainstreaming CERT C Secure Coding ... By Robert C. Seacord, Julia H. Allen

In this podcast, Robert Seacord describes the CERT-led effort to publish an ISO/IEC technical specification for secure coding rules for compilers and analyzers.

Podcast | February 2016 - Podcast Is Java More Secure Than C? By David Svoboda

In this podcast, CERT researcher David Svoboda analyzes secure coding rules for both C and Java to determine if they indeed refute the conventional wisdom that Java is more secure than C.

Podcast | May 2018 - Podcast Obsidian: A Safer Blockchain Programming Language By Eliezer Kanal, Michael Coblenz (Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science)

Eliezer Kanal and Michael Coblenz discuss the creation of Obsidian, a novel programming language specifically tailored to secure blockchain software development that significantly reduces the risk of coding errors.

Podcast | February 2016 - Podcast Build Security In Maturity Model (BSIMM) – Practices from ... By Gary McGraw, Lisa R. Young

In this podcast, Gary McGraw, the Chief Technology Officer for Cigital, discusses the latest version of BSIMM and how to take advantage of observed practices from high-performing organizations.