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Collection | August 2018 - Collection SCALe Collection

The CERT Division's Source Code Analysis Laboratory (SCALe) offers conformance testing of C and Java language software systems against the CERT C Secure Coding Standard and the CERT Oracle Secure Coding Standard for Java.

Brochure | September 2018 - Brochure Summer 2018 Edition of the Secure Coding Newsletter

The team announces job openings and discusses its activities, including the release of SCALe on GitHub.

Collection | December 2017 - Collection Secure Coding Newsletter Collection

The CERT Secure Coding Team describes plans to inform the community about CERT secure coding efforts and related standards.

Presentation | September 2018 - Presentation How Can I Enforce the SEI CERT C Coding Standard Using ... By David Svoboda

In this webcast, David Svoboda and Arthur Hicken review the SEI CERT C Coding Standard and why it is necessary.

Collection | October 2017 - Collection Four Secure Coding Publications

Presents research and recommended practices for secure coding, preventing common exploits, and prioritizing security alerts.

Collection | November 2017 - Collection Secure Coding Tools and Advancements Publications

The documents in this collection describe tools useful to secure coding developed or advanced by the SEI.

Brochure | August 2017 - Brochure SCALe: Evaluating Source Code for Adherence to Secure ...

SCALe help analysts be more efficient and effective at auditing source code for security flaws.

Webinar | November 2016 - Webinar From Secure Coding to Secure Software By Mark Sherman, Robert Schiela

In this webinar, we discussed how you can improve your organization's secure coding capabilities.

Brochure | December 2017 - Brochure Fall 2017 Edition of the Secure Coding Newsletter

The CERT Secure Coding team requests contributors for Ada guidelines it's developing, describes its collaborations with MITRE, and announces its open research positions.

Video | August 2017 - Video SEI Cyber Minute: Secure Coding Standards By Robert Schiela

Watch Bob Schiela as he decribes how SEI Secure Coding Standards have codified best practices for properly using features of specific languages to avoid security flaws in your software, thus reducing vulnerabilities.