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Podcast | April 2015 - Podcast An Introduction to Context-Aware Computing By Dr. Anind Dey, Dr. Jeff Boleng

Dr. Anind Dey and Dr. Jeff Boleng introduce context-aware computing and explore issues related to sensor-fueled data in the internet of things.

Podcast | May 2015 - Podcast SEI-HCII Collaboration Explores Context-Aware Computing ... By Jeff Boleng, Dr. Anind Dey

Dr. Jeff Boleng and Dr. Anind Dey discuss joint research to understand the mission, role, and task of dismounted soldiers using context derived from sensors on them and their mobile devices.

Podcast | December 2014 - Podcast Tactical Cloudlets By Grace Lewis, Suzanne Miller

In this podcast, Grace Lewis discusses five approaches that her team developed and tested for using tactical cloudlets as a strategy for providing infrastructure to support computation offload and data staging at the tactical edge.

Podcast | August 2014 - Podcast HTML5 for Mobile Apps at the Edge By Grace Lewis, Suzanne Miller

In this podcast, Grace Lewis discusses research that explores the feasibility of using HTML5 for developing mobile applications, for edge environments where resources and connectivity are uncertain, such as in the battlefield.

Podcast | August 2013 - Podcast Mobile Applications for Emergency Managers By Adam Miller (Huntingdon County - Pennsylvania, Emergency Management Agency), Bill Pollak

Learn about the SEI's Advanced Mobile Systems Team's work with the Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania, Emergency Management Agency.

Podcast | July 2013 - Podcast Application Virtualization as a Strategy for Cyber Foraging By Grace Lewis, Suzanne Miller

In this podcast, researcher Grace Lewis discusses application virtualization as a more lightweight alternative to VM synthesis for cloudlet provisioning.

Podcast | November 2013 - Podcast Situational Awareness Mashups By Soumya Simanta, Suzanne Miller

In this podcast Soumya Simanta describes research aimed at creating a software prototype that allows warfighters and first responders to rapidly integrate or mash geo-tagged situational awareness data from multiple remote data sources.

Podcast | September 2013 - Podcast Human-in-the-Loop Autonomy By James Edmonson, Suzanne Garcia-Miller

In this episode, James Edmondson discusses his research on autonomous systems, specifically robotic systems and autonomous systems for robotic systems.

Podcast | April 2014 - Podcast Best Practices for Trust in the Wireless Emergency Alerts ... By Robert Ellison, Carol Woody, Suzanne Miller

In this podcast, CERT researchers Robert Ellison and Carol Woody discuss research aimed at increasing alert originators' trust in the WEA service and the public's trust in the alerts that they receive.