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Collection | July 2017 - Collection Network Situational Awareness: Best Practices

These best practices help organizations understand what's happening on their networks, learn how to monitor and analyze their network traffic, and learn how to best protect their data and information assets.

Webinar | March 2016 - Webinar Using Network Flow to Gain Cyber Situational Awareness By Sid Faber

During this webinar we discussed the foundations of cyber situational awareness and how to apply situational awareness concepts to the cyber domain.

Presentation | January 2016 - Presentation Situational Awareness Threat Report (SATR) By Stacie Green (Northrop Grumann Corporation), Casey Kahsen (Northrop Grumman Corporation)

This FloCon 2016 presentation describes US-CERT's Cyber Hygiene Project project and its results.

Video | January 2015 - Video Global Situational Awareness with Free Tools By Dennis M. Allen

In this video, Dennis Allen shows how global situational awareness helps organizations get threat indicators, understand risks, and correlate events.

Presentation | January 2013 - Presentation Situational Awareness Metrics from Flow and Other Data ... By Soumyo D. Moitra

In this presentation, Soumyo Moitra describes the need for a more flexible set of metrics for establishing network situational awareness.

Presentation | January 2010 - Presentation Flow Analysis for Network Situational Awareness By Timothy J. Shimeall

In this presentation, given at FloCon in January 2010, Tim Shimeall discusses networks, external events and trends, and network dependencies and analysis.

Presentation | January 2012 - Presentation Monitoring Trends in Network Flow for Situational Awareness By Soumyo D. Moitra

In this presentation, Soumyo Moitra discusses the role that network monitoring plays in network security and network situational awareness.

Presentation | January 2012 - Presentation Real Time Situational Awareness Using Argus By Carter Bullard (QuSient LLC)

In this presentation, Carter Bullard describe Argus, a network utilization audit system.

Presentation | January 2013 - Presentation Enhancing Network Situational Awareness Using DPI ...

In this presentation, Hari Kosaraju describes how to improve flow-based traffic visibility and how doing that enhances network situational awareness.

Presentation | January 2013 - Presentation FlowViewer: Maintaining NASA's Earth Science Traffic ...

In this presentation, Joe Loiacono describes FlowViewer, a tool that provides a web-based user interface to the flow-tools suite and SiLK.