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Podcast | October 2013 - Podcast Architecting Systems of the Future By Eric Werner, Suzanne Miller

In this episode, Eric Werner discusses research that he and several of his colleagues are conducting to help software developers create systems for the many-core central processing units in massively parallel computing environments.

Podcast | August 2015 - Podcast Toward Speed and Simplicity: Creating a Software Library for ... By Scott McMillan, Eric Werner

In this podcast, Scott McMillan and Eric Werner of the SEI's Emerging Technology Center discuss work to create a software library for graph analytics that would take advantage of more powerful heterogeneous supercomputers.

Podcast | April 2017 - Podcast Distributed Artificial Intelligence in Space By James Edmondson

In this podcast, James Edmondson discusses his work to bring distributed artificial intelligence to a next generation, renewable power grid in space.

Podcast | February 2018 - Podcast How Risk Management Fits into Agile & DevOps in ... By Timothy A. Chick, Will Hayes, Eileen Wrubel, Hasan Yasar

In this podcast, Eileen Wrubel, technical lead for the SEI's Agile-in-Government program leads a roundtable discussion into how Agile, DevOps, and the Risk Management Framework can work together.

Podcast | July 2016 - Podcast Global Value Chain – An Expanded View of the ICT Supply ... By Edna M. Conway (Cisco Systems - Inc.), John Haller, Lisa R. Young

In this podcast, Edna Conway and John Haller discuss the global value chain for organizations and critical infrastructures and how this expanded view can be used to improve ICT supply chain management, including risks to the supply chain.

Podcast | March 2011 - Podcast Integrated, Enterprise-Wide Risk Management: NIST 800-39 ... By Ron Ross (NIST), James J. Cebula, Julia H. Allen

In this podcast, participants explain why and how business leaders must address risk at the enterprise, business process, and system levels.

Podcast | March 2018 - Podcast Is Software Spoiling Us? Technical Innovations in the ... By Jeff Boleng

In this podcast, the panel discusses technical innovations that can be applied to the Department of Defense including improved situational awareness, human-machine interactions, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data, and continuous integration.

Podcast | July 2009 - Podcast Rethinking Risk Management By Christopher J. Alberts, Julia H. Allen

In this podcast, Christopher Alberts urges business leaders to adopt new approaches to addressing risks across the life cycle and supply chain.

Podcast | November 2016 - Podcast Moving Target Defense By Andrew O. Mellinger

In this podcast, Andrew Mellinger, a senior software developer in the SEI's Emerging Technology Center discusses work to develop a platform to organize dynamic defenses.

Podcast | March 2015 - Podcast Supply Chain Risk Management: Managing Third Party and ... By John Haller, Matthew J. Butkovic, Julia H. Allen

In this podcast, Matt Butkovic and John Haller discuss approaches for more effectively managing supply chain risks, focusing on risks arising from “external entities that provide, sustain, or operate Information and Communications Technology (ICT).