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Robert V. Binder
August 2017 - Webinar Five Keys to Effective Agile Test Automation for Government Programs

Authors: Robert V. Binder, Suzanne Miller

In this discussion-focused webinar, Bob Binder and SuZ Miller will discuss 5 key questions that government organizations contemplating embarking on adopting automated test techniques and tools in an Agile environment are likely to have.

March 2017 - Presentation How to Minimize Configuration Switching Time and Cost for Design of Experiments

Topics: Measurement and Analysis

Authors: Robert V. Binder

This presentation shows how classical integer programming can be used to determine the least cost (that is, the quickest) order for test configurations.

October 2016 - Poster MBAL—The Model-based Assurance Lab

Authors: Robert V. Binder

Model-based testing reference environment for real-time reactive systems